make skin

make (one's) skin

/flesh crawl
To cause one to be afraid or disgusted.
See also: make, skin
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Exfoliating gets rid of the dead and dying skin cells that make skin look dull and reveals fresh, new skin underneath.
He is showing women everywhere how to make skin their ultimate fashion statement and shower on their look with the new Caress(R) Skinwear Collection of body washes and beauty bars that give women gorgeous skin they will want to flaunt.
Women everywhere can now make skin their ultimate fashion statement with a chance to win VIP access to NYC Fashion Week, a NYC shopping spree and a private consultation with Carson.
Caress(R), the beauty brand known for products that give woman gorgeous skin that they will want to flaunt, offers an exceptional variety of exfoliating and moisturizing beauty bars and body washes that make skin the ultimate fashion statement.
A little on the apples of your cheeks will make skin glow with vitality and look totally natural.
There are even lotions that claim to make skin look and feel firmer.