make peace with

make your peace with somebody

to stop arguing with someone Melanie knew she had to go back into the house and make her peace with her parents.
See also: make, peace

make your peace with something

to accept something He knows that he's really too old to play ball, and he's made his peace with that.
See also: make, peace

make (one's) peace with

To bring oneself to accept; reconcile oneself to.
See also: make, peace
References in classic literature ?
They professed to be on an amicable errand, to make peace with the Crows, and set off in all haste, before night, to overtake them.
Not everyone is going to be the absolute best, writes Vince Stone, and sometimes realizing that is the best way to make peace with oneself.
administrations contend, Assad is a tired and aging despot who has made a strategic decision to make peace with Israel, and thus find favor with Washington, then prevailing on him to join in monitoring the stand-off in southern Lebanon marked a significant step on the long and rocky road to agreement.
Making Peace with Conchise: The 1872 Journal of Captain Joseph Alton Sladen" is a transcript of the Captain's journal of their efforts to make peace with the chief of the Chiricahua Apache chief known as Conchise.
He had understood that it was possible to make peace with this man.