make great, much, etc. play of/with something

make great play of something


make a great play of something

If someone makes great play of something or makes a great play of something, they emphasize it, often to make it seem more important than it really is. Maria was there, making a great play of cleaning the house, but apparently doing very little. Note: You can also say that someone makes a big play of something, with the same meaning. They were very eager to show who was boss. They got us out of the car and made a big play of examining our papers. Note: You can also just say that someone makes a play of something. Both men made a play of wiping the dirt from her coat.
See also: great, make, of, play, something

make great, much, etc. ˈplay of/with something

put a lot of emphasis on something; behave as if something is very important: The English love of gardening is something he makes great play of in his latest book.He always makes great play of the fact that he went to a famous school.
See also: make, of, play, something