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Whether the translators intended it or not, the missalette makes the earth active in giving us our bread; which earth has given means the earth gave it.
When you make a promise, you limit your freedom to roam the field.
Wellman makes Ecospun, polyester fiber, from recycled plastic bottles that once he soda or water.
I'm also planning a larger project around the life and work of the sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld; right now I'm giving a seminar on him at the Humboldt University in Berlin, and I plan to make a documentary first and then a feature film based on his life.
The average underwriter can make a good loan decision in about 45 minutes.
He has a chance to start at center this season for the Spurs, who opted to make a relatively small investment in Elson and Butler.
Weleda makes a toothpaste free of saccharin and sodium lauryl sulfate.
The safe harbor criteria of the regulations make no mention of reporting basis.
Is the question who makes the school decisions or the methodology used?
Other manufacturing treatments can yield products with far different properties: researchers have been able to make clear film from feather fiber by breaking and reforming the bonds between fiber strands.
Anderer's (1990) model is less stringent, and looks at the person's ability to receive and evaluate information, and to make or communicate decisions in three major areas.
Dow's solution process is used to make specialized copolymers with higher-molecular-weight comonomers.
Ever since Newkome read a paper on the branching patterns of trees growing in South American forests, he says, he has pursued two questions: "Can I make molecular trees?
The author wishes to express his appreciation to those who have helped make this study possible.