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join the majority

euphemism To die. A: "I heard there was a death in your family." B: "Oh yeah, some distant relative joined the majority."
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the silent majority

A majority of people who hold a certain opinion but do not state it publicly. Although the polls suggested the newcomer would be defeated in the election, the silent majority apparently wanted her in office.
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join the great majority

1. To have or adopt the same opinion or position as most other people, groups, or things. Usually followed by "of" and the group being specified. Ours is the only nation that has yet to join the great majority of countries standing in solidarity on this issue.
2. euphemism To die. Used humorously. I'll be playing a gig next Saturday, assuming of course I don't join the great majority between now and then. A: "I heard you were back in Cleveland last week." B: "Oh yeah, some distant relative joined the great majority. Had to show my face for the funeral."
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silent majority

A group that makes up a majority of voters but does not widely express its views through marches or demonstrations. For example, They thought they had a convincing case, but they hadn't counted on the silent majority. This idiom was first recorded in 1874 but gained currency in the 1960s, when President Richard Nixon claimed that his policies were supported by a majority of citizens who did not bother to make their views known.
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the silent majority

The silent majority in a country or a group are the large group of people who do not express their opinions publicly. If he talks about a silent majority in favour of this, I think he is mistaken. His consistently poor judgment is a source of deep concern to the silent majority of party members.
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join the great majority

die. euphemistic
This expression was first used by the poet Edward Young ( 1683–1765 ): ‘Death joins us to the great majority’. However, the idea of the dead being ‘the majority’ is a very old one; it is found, for example, in the writings of the Roman satirist Petronius as abiit ad plures : ‘he's gone to join the majority’.
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the silent majority

the majority of people, regarded as holding moderate opinions but rarely expressing them.
This phrase was first particularly associated with the US President Richard Nixon , who claimed in his 1968 presidential election campaign to speak for this segment of society.
1998 Spectator Independent-thinking columnists claimed a silent majority loathed Di mania and maybe they were right.
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the ˌsilent maˈjority

the large number of people in a country who think the same as each other, but do not express their views publicly: The government is appealing to the silent majority to support its foreign policy.The US President, Richard Nixon, used this phrase during the Vietnam War.
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The king understood that so far the majority takes a position does not make it right.
Earlier in the day, party leader Neeraj Kumar assured that Nitish Kumar will get full majority and prove his ethical politics.
Craig Tracey held onto North Warwickshire, increasing his majority to 8,510 with a win over Labour's Julie Jackson.
PAUL MONAGHAN CAITHNESS, SUTHERLAND & EASTER ROSS Majority - 3844 Lib Dems want to win back seat from SNP.
Richard Gordon demanded that the LP senators leave the majority, noting that the 'lines were not clear,' which left senators fighting with each other and their 'objective' intentions maligned.
He pointed out that "In Iraq, a government of political majority cannot be formed" adding that the next government cannot be predicted, but after the results of parliamentary elections shown.
These decisions will be considered adopted unless they are rejected by a simple majority that includes at least three states participating in the SSM and three that are not participating.
These politicians are looking to jump on the bandwagon of the government majority likely to be formed if President Jalal Talabani's efforts to resolve current tensions fail.
Current control: Plaid Cymru backed by some Independents * Nature of contest: Seeing whether Labour can regain control * Most likely outcome: Labour overall majority 4.
The shifts in leadership were made possible by former Senator Steven Tolman, who resigned to seek the presidency of the AFL-CIO of Massachusetts, vacating the Assistant Majority Leader seat.
Liverpool Riverside was retained, as predicted, by Labour's Louise Ellman, who secured a majority of 14,173, or 36.
Wales' best performance came from Lance Cooksey who recorded a richly deserved majority points win over the experienced Steven Kilroy.
Yet much has changed since the double majority last appeared on the ballot in 1998.
Overall, a majority of students endorsed lectures as more effective for four of the goals 23 listed and endorsed the effectiveness of PBL for 11 goals.
Indeed, the 20-page majority decision provoked a searing 24-page dissent challenging not only the legal reasoning of the majority, but also sounding the alarm on important policy issues which flow from the precedent.