major in

major in (something)

To complete a college or university degree with a particular subject as its focus. Originally I thought I would major in English literature, but I switch to psychology in my second year. Samantha's majoring in economics, with a minor in history.
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major in something

to specialize in a certain subject in college. I majored in history in college. I want to major in math.
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major in

To complete a long-term course of study in some subject that is one's main focus: In high school I was interested in math, but in college I majored in history.
See also: major
References in classic literature ?
shouted the general and the major in great surprise.
Fizza, who also attends night classes at Pierce College and holds down a weekend job with her brother in a Van Nuys restaurant, has already been accepted to California State University, Northridge, where she wants to major in biology.
The loan window closed yesterday with no major ins or outs.
Instead, it was the visit to the Irish town of Gort, which was dubbed "Little Brazil" after a major inS flux of Brazilians came to work at a (sadly now closed) meat factory.
I get the feeling that he's still finding out about his players and it will only be next summer when the major ins and outs happen, shaping his team and not just reshaping Sir Bobby's.
Agency is appointed by all the major Ins companies.
Auto repair, paint/body collision, a pro-shop for major ins.
Services major new car auto dealerships, auto body shops & major ins.
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