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maintain (oneself or someone) in (something)

To allow oneself or someone to live a particular lifestyle. Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to maintain ourselves in this lavish manse anymore.
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maintain (something) at (something)

To keep something at a particular setting or level. I try to maintain my savings at least $1,000, in case of emergencies.
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maintain someone in something

to keep or provide for someone in a certain style or condition. I insist that you maintain me in the style to which I have become accustomed. He had hoped to maintain himself in comfort.
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maintain something at something

to keep something at a certain level, setting, degree, amount, etc. You must maintain the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius. We have to maintain the temperature at a very high level.
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Tester IR86960-66-12-2 (T24) behaved as an effective maintainer for Jin23A and found to be an effective restorer with II32A.
Back shop maintainers practically swarm an engine to break it down--some on wheeled seats deconstructing the underside, some scaling the engine's sides and top, and others reviewing technical orders and supervising the process.
The maintainers on the det were aware that the blade fold actuator motor was not working at 100 percent.
In an ideal world, there would be enough qualified 5- and 7-level maintainers to ensure safe reliable maintenance actions are performed and enough consistently available to provide training to the new 3-levels.
The breakage of band and loop maintainers in this study was relatively low (9%) compared with other studies [Hill et al.
Based more specifically on prediction intervals, the user of our model can contemplate combinations of 7- and 9-level maintainer percentages and their probable effects on MC rate.
The appliance traditionally suggested to be the treatment of choice is the distal shoe space maintainer [Hicks, 1973; Gegenheimer and Donly, 1992].
Better information means better communication between maintainers on the front lines and depots, better tracking of replacement components, more awareness of the history of parts and restructuring the work to eliminate waste.
Initial data analysis indicates that maintainers were able to reduce the time required to perform maintenance and increase the overall readiness of the squadron.
6 Number of Households, Average Income, Average Spending on Household Furniture and Other Demographic Characteristics by Age of Household Maintainer in 2005.
Purchase of fuel (wholesale) of SJSC Latvian road maintainer ~needs.
You tell a good maintainer how difficult a task will be and he will inform you how big a hammer he is going to use.
It takes a special kind of person to work as a Pave Hawk maintainer.
The maintenance control chief was standing in front of me holding a four-inch, folded pocket knife that a maintainer had found during the postflight inspection--in the rotor head.
Randy Usher has spent his entire 31-year career as a C-130 maintainer.