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maintain (oneself or someone) in (something)

To allow oneself or someone to live a particular lifestyle. Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to maintain ourselves in this lavish manse anymore.
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maintain (something) at (something)

To keep something at a particular setting or level. I try to maintain my savings at least $1,000, in case of emergencies.
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maintain someone in something

to keep or provide for someone in a certain style or condition. I insist that you maintain me in the style to which I have become accustomed. He had hoped to maintain himself in comfort.
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maintain something at something

to keep something at a certain level, setting, degree, amount, etc. You must maintain the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius. We have to maintain the temperature at a very high level.
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Keeping the content of the MedlinePlus Health Topics pages maintained at a high standard requires two primary categories of librarians: selectors and reviewers.
Most data maintained by the taxpayer (such as general ledgers, accounts payable, and fixed assets) do not change materially from year to year.
He maintained that the French School went so far in this illusory sublimation that, at least in more recent times, many of those it formed believed that the priest communicates a higher dignity to and actually sanctifies whatever he happens to do in his ordinary life.
The surplus lines composite maintained net premium leverage and net underwriting leverage of 0.
A commercial forest that is maintained in a healthy, functional, and undepleted state provides a stable yield of timber and simultaneously helps to sustain local timber-dependent communities.
The last four deal with the way data is recorded, maintained, and reported.
Even at high loadings of thermal black high resilience and low heat build-up can be maintained.
Support driven Ratings including the Long-term and Short-term issuer default ratings (IDRs) of 'A+' and 'F1+', respectively, are being maintained on Rating Watch Negative, where they were initially placed on Oct.
person is the owner of record or has legal title, regardless of whether the account is maintained for that person's benefit or for the benefit of others (including non-U.
Of the participants, 39 percent maintained their weight, 38 percent gained five to 20 pounds, 17 percent lost five to 20 pounds and 2 percent lost more than 20 pounds.
On June 18, 1999, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments to the Internal Revenue Service on Revenue Procedure 98-25, which relates to record retention requirements under section 6001 of the Internal Revenue Code where all or part of the taxpayer's financial or accounting records are maintained within an automatic data processing (ADP) system.
Metro Rail project, the problem of ownership most severely manifested itself with regard to the engineering drawings maintained by configuration management consultants.
As it is nearly impossible to reconstruct daily records after the fact, a master building file should be maintained for each building, creating a paper trail of all correspondence, notices, repairs, visits, etc.
Headline of release should read: Dutton Associates Announces Investment Opinion: Telkonet Maintained At Strong Speculative Buy Rating; Quarterly Results Give Hint of Progress (sted Dutton Associates Announces Investment Opinion: Telkonet Speculative Buy Rating Maintained By Dutton Associates).