in the mainstream

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*in the mainstream (of something)

following the current trends or styles that are popular or are considered normal. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) Bob is too old-fashioned to be in the mainstream of modern living.
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Birmingham schools will be asked to volunteer to take children with special needs as part of a drive to include all youngsters in mainstream education.
85) Faced with limited access to mainstream markets, Johnson expanded the scope of advertising in the black community, by utilizing the print media and through sponsoring television shows that targeted black Americans, such as the program "Soul Train.
1993) Eds, Rethinking Special Needs in Mainstream Schools.
She said: "I agree with having children in mainstream schools if they have moderate learning difficulties but our children are different.
Mainstream titles "allow the reader to experience even more dramatic circumstances, but without the certainty that the heroine will end up with the man she's fallen in love with.
The answer is twofold: they want to pressure the mainstream organizations to expand their agendas and reach; but more importantly, they want to build on the momentum generated by the march for their own broad campaigns.
Nina Hartley has a heterosexual population watching her, so maybe she has more mainstream chances.
The celebration of the body in blues culture represents a stronghold of rebellion against a mainstream ideology that characterizes the human being as metaphysically flawed.
They also reverse mainstream campers without disabilities in their summer residential programs.
Placements of students with disabilities into mainstream settings were guided primarily by the special education teachers' estimates of the students' reading ability.
Angiolo Laviziano, former CEO and president of Mainstream Energy, will continue his commitment to bringing solar into the mainstream through superior service and enhancing solar's value proposition in each of Mainstream Energy's primary end markets as a board member.
If there was no mainstream corporate tax to offset, the ACT greatly increased the effective tax rate.
And they argue, quite rightly, that we cannot afford to abandon efforts to permeate the mainstream media.
In statements that reflect participants' attitudes about the inclusion of ESL students in mainstream classes, one participant commented, "I am not afraid of having an ESL student, but I do think it is unfair to place them in a regular classroom before they have received background knowledge, so I think ESL classes are beneficial to the learner.