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mail (something) in

1. Literally, to send something somewhere or to someone by mail. I mailed in the application months ago, but I still haven't heard from the university!
2. To perform a given task, duty, or activity with little or no attention, effort, or interest; to do something perfunctorily. Usually such a key player on the field, the team's star running back seems to be mailing it in this afternoon. I usually love his work in film, but he totally mailed in his performance for this voice-over role.
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mail (something) from (some place)

To send a letter or package through the postal system from some country, city, or particular building. I had to complete the form on the plane and mail it from San Francisco, so it may take a few days longer to reach you than I thought. I'll mail the box from work so I don't have to pay the exorbitant shipping costs myself.
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mail (something) to (one)

To send a letter or package through the postal system to one. I've got to mail this check to the phone company before they shut off my phone lines! I'll have to leave some things here when I move—will you be able to mail them to me later?
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