mail to

mail something to someone

to send something to someone by mail. I mailed the check to you yesterday. I mailed a gift to my niece.
See also: mail
References in classic literature ?
The last burst carried the mail to the summit of the hill.
On October 12, we obtained nasal swabs from postal workers most likely to have handled contaminated mail at two county postal facilities that supplied mail to the workplace.
If the anthrax attacks result in more people choosing e-mail over snail mail to pay their bills or send personal communications, that's just fine with Morris Cutler.
You should mail to them periodically; you never know when they may need to use your services, especially for special projects.
Direct mail to these groups should occur at least twice a year.
Several mills have also begun using more mixed papers like mail to make recycled tissue products like napkins, paper towels and tissues.
So there's really no question that incumbents are using direct mail to gain unfair political advantage.
Others include utilizing dynamic weighing platforms, efficient folder/inserters, address printers and other automated equipment, and presorting the mail to take advantage of significant USPS discounts.
These are people who rely on the mail to get them their Social Security checks or their other benefits, and sometimes the mail doesn't come at all.
Postal carrier Katrina Wright didn't let the stress of delivering mail to her Valencia neighborhood on the nation's busiest delivery day get her down Wednesday.
Adults have become more receptive to using direct mail to obtain this information, and it has proven to be an effective medium for retailers to connect with new customers.
He will also discuss methods to save money on UPS, FedEx, and other overnight carriers, how to turn your mail center into a profit center, and how to use mail to grow a business.
This information is used to filter out or save spam mail to the trash folder without any additional hardware or software on the client side.
Our relationship with Microsoft is the next obvious step in providing fast, easy and cost-effective direct mail to businesses," said Wilson Zehr, CEO of Zairmail.
We look forward to expanding our work with BulletIN to extend the reach of our customers' desktop mail to any wireless device.