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babe magnet

1. A person, typically male, who is very attractive to women. Often used with a degree of humor or facetiousness. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. John thinks he's such a babe magnet now that he's making so much money, but everyone thinks he's just as foolish as ever.
2. Something that attracts women to its owner, who is typically male. Often used with a degree of humor or facetiousness. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I bought my motorcycle because I thought it would be a great babe magnet.
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babe magnet

and chick magnet
1. n. a male who seems to attract good looking females easily. Keep your woman away from Chuck. He’s a babe magnet. Wilfred thinks he’s a chick magnet, but he only snags the dogs.
2. n. something, such as a car, that attracts good-looking females to a male. Man, I like your new chick magnet. Get any yet? He thought of a new car as a “babe magnet,” but all it drew was the repo man.
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chick magnet

See also: chick, magnet

nerd magnet

n. a girl or woman who attracts dull males. Sally is weary of dating total drips. She is a classic nerd magnet.
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There are two reasons for permanent magnet to generate eddy current losses [10-12].
What are the machinery requirements for setting up a ferrite magnet powder manufacturing plant?
The CPSC's Safety Alert provides the following advice regarding ingested magnets to parents:
Fabricating metal magnets requires high temperatures, notes Robin G.
Waiting two or three seconds to energize before the magnet reaches the material to be lifted will help to keep the heat down and actually increase the amount of material it picks up.
Once the kids get there, they just seem to be more focused and on target,'' said LaVerne Patterson, LAUSD's magnet adviser.
After a deceleration period, the rotor aligns with the magnets facing the iron cores of the stator electromagnets.
A simple view of the moving magnet motor is illustrated in figure 1.
Label on paper one tip of the magnet North Pole, and the other South Pole.
Walker provide operators with two options to turn the magnet on or off when materials must be moved.
Much has been made (including billions of dollars) over magnet therapy for pain (see Running & FitNews, June 1999).
Step 2: Predict how many paper clips your magnet can hold on its hook.
which began importing Victorian-era kitchen magnet replicas two years ago from England.