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babe magnet

1. A person, typically male, who is very attractive to women. Often used with a degree of humor or facetiousness. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. John thinks he's such a babe magnet now that he's making so much money, but everyone thinks he's just as foolish as ever.
2. Something that attracts women to its owner, who is typically male. Often used with a degree of humor or facetiousness. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I bought my motorcycle because I thought it would be a great babe magnet.
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babe magnet

and chick magnet
1. n. a male who seems to attract good looking females easily. Keep your woman away from Chuck. He’s a babe magnet. Wilfred thinks he’s a chick magnet, but he only snags the dogs.
2. n. something, such as a car, that attracts good-looking females to a male. Man, I like your new chick magnet. Get any yet? He thought of a new car as a “babe magnet,” but all it drew was the repo man.
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chick magnet

See also: chick, magnet

nerd magnet

n. a girl or woman who attracts dull males. Sally is weary of dating total drips. She is a classic nerd magnet.
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They keep the embryos suspended in the magnet long enough to see the single cells divide into eight.
FORMAT AND SCOPE This report reviews the technology of permanent magnet materials, types of permanent magnet materials and their applications, and current and anticipated demand for specific materials.
The eddy currents and magnets don't require a lot of maintenance, and when they do they are very easy to work on and to maintain," Pierre remarks.
Michael Hirt of the Center for Integrative Medicine in Tarzana sees some value to magnet therapy and has made it part of his practice for three years.
10 Requirements for Setting-up a Permanent Magnet Manufacturing Plant11 Challenges Faced By the Magnet Industry For more information visit http://www.
Fabricating metal magnets requires high temperatures, notes Robin G.
Waiting two or three seconds to energize before the magnet reaches the material to be lifted will help to keep the heat down and actually increase the amount of material it picks up.
The magnet programs began drawing attention in 1991, when a federal court ruled the district could eliminate forced busing.
Originally, our heart's desire was to support our troops and send care packages to them,'' said Chris Hales, general manager of Magnet America, which holds the copyright for the ribbons.
The north-south structure of any magnet can be maintained by making the rotor with three layers: a top layer with the north pole of the neomax magnets facing outwards, a non-magnetic layer, and a south pole outward-facing layer.
Recently, Bose introduced a very different type of linear actuator, known as a moving magnet motor, that offers far greater capabilities in dynamic material property testing, while eliminating several of the drawbacks of traditional material testing technology.
However, the new magnet releases all of the iron particles at the touch of a button, making it possible to mount the Clean-Flow magnet in inaccessible places.
Walker provide operators with two options to turn the magnet on or off when materials must be moved.
Has anyone sworn to you that a magnet in their shoe cured their plantar fasciitis?