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The vehicles are perfectly at home in our polished environments and we look forward to offering our customers the chance to travel in ultimate style as part of their MAG lifestyle.
We are pleased to be advancing work at MAG 318 in partnership with Dutch Foundation - one of the best contractors in Dubai - which shares our exceptionally high quality standards and meticulous attention to detail.
The securities were acquired by MAG for strategic investment purposes.
CEO Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah stated: "At MAG we are always searching for new ways to boost our presence in the global real estate market while also exceeding our customers expectations.
One exciting upcoming project in this portfolio is MAG Eye, an exclusive gated community of 4,000 apartments and 535 townhouses located in Meydan.
MAG Creek is a gated community spanning over 898,786 square feet.
Caption: Mini-14 mags (left) are narrower, tapered, and have a different method of locking than the rectangular AR (right).
MAG is the leading voice for the medical profession in Georgia--which includes physicians in every specialty and practice setting.
Country: France, USASector: Machinery/EngineeringTarget: MAG Industrial Automation Systems LLC (MAG IAS LLC or MAG Americas) Buyer: FivesVendor: MAG GroupType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
When an MN firstly establishes a wireless link with a target PoA through the L2 association, the MAG acquires the MN's identification (ID) and requests the profile information of the MN to the policy server (PS).
The basic idea of having two mags is that if one tanks, the other will still run the engine, since each mag fires only one plug in each cylinder.
Fresnillo plc (LSE: FRES), a Mexico-based primary silver producer, has announced that a company subsidiary, Fresbal Investments Ltd (Fresbal), will make a formal offer to acquire all of the outstanding common shares of MAG Silver Corp (TSX: MAG) (AMEX: MVG) (MAG Silver).
There, Markus Grob is assuming leadership of the newly established MAG Europe business unit.
Gibbs and Associates, Moorpark, CA, announced a worldwide strategic partnership with the MAG Infimatic Controls Division.
MAG Industrial Automation Systems, Sterling Heights, MI, has formed MAG Canada, a sales and service organization that will expand the countrywide support of machine tools, systems, and services from MAG IAS companies, including MAG Boehringer, MAG Cincinnati, MAG Fadal, MAG Giddings & Lewis, MAG Hessapp, MAG Maintenance Technologies, MAG Powertrain, MAG Turmatic Systems, and MAG Cincinnati Automation.