make short work of (someone or something)

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make short work of (someone or something)

To deal with, finish, or dispose of someone or something very quickly or handily. We'll make short work of this project now that you've joined the team. You made short work of that book you were reading. You must have liked it! Everyone is expecting the team to make short work of their opponents in the upcoming match.
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make short work of someone or something

 and make fast work of someone or something
to finish with someone or something quickly. I made short work of Tom so I could leave the office to play golf. Billy made fast work of his dinner so he could go out and play.
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make short work of

Complete or consume quickly, as in The children made short work of the ice cream, or They made short work of cleaning up so they could get to the movies. This term, first recorded in 1577, in effect means "to turn something into a brief task."
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make short work of something

1. If you make short work of something, you deal with it or complete it quickly and easily. His car made short work of the steep hills. A spray paint will make short work of painting awkward objects.
2. If you make short work of someone or something, you defeat them, destroy them or get rid of them quickly and easily. Britain's No 2, Greg Rusedski made short work of his opponent in the Toulouse Open quarter-final. My friend made short work of the salad of rocket and parmesan.
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make short work of

accomplish, consume, or destroy quickly.
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make short ˈwork of something/somebody

do or finish something very quickly; defeat somebody very easily: The children certainly made short work of the chocolate biscuits!The champion made very short work of the challenger in the title fight.
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Bottom club Carlisle claimed their first win of the season 3-2 against Rochdale, while newly-promoted Yeovil made short work of highflying York, claiming a 3-0 victory.
However, the Gloucestershire batsmen made short work of the home bowlers to wrap up the win.
Staffordshire made short work of Shropshire as they qualified in style for the ECB 38-County Cup quarter-finals.
Photo: Oscar De La Hoya made short work of Arturo Gatti during their fight Saturday night in Las Vegas.
Enqvist, seeded second in Basle, made short work of Henman, who had won this tournament in 1998 and reached the final last year.
The Beermen made short work of Phoenix Petroleum on Tuesday, 115-96, before Barangay Ginebra followed the Beermen to the next round after trampling over GlobalPort, 96-85.
Nazim Mohammed (6-45) and Greg Coogan (3-19) made short work of Old Xavs' batting, the home side being rolled for 82 in 45 overs.
30 York SP forecast 5-4 Plenty seemed to know she was smart before her debut in a 6f maiden at Newmarket last month and, after going off a heavily backed 6-5 favourite, she made short work of her rivals to win impressively by six lengths.
In a classification match for the third place, Pakistan Air Force made short work of Police 34-27 goals.
British number one Baltacha came through a first set featuring six breaks of serve in just nine games, and made short work of the second as she broke twice more.
RONNIE O'Sullivan made short work of Dominic Dale yesterday as he raced through to the second round of the Betfred.
Dilshan, however, made short work of the target, the opening batsman hitting 104 and putting on a century stand for the second wicket with Kumar Sangakkara (74) as the visitors overhauled the target with 5.
Nadal made short work of wrapping up the first, breaking Verdasco's first service game of the match and looking controlled and untroubled thereafter throughout.
Stevenson, who has represented Great Britain as a junior on both cross country and track in the past 18 months, made short work of the difficult new course consisting mainly of muddy grassland, coming home 2 mins 30 secs clear of his nearest rival.
Ian Simon took six for 45 as Hoylandswaine made short work of Holmbridge, while Leymoor continued their impressive first season in the top flight in beating Azaad.