make (one's) mark

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make (one's) mark

To do something that will be remembered or that makes one famous or successful; to do something that is very important or meaningful. The actress first made her mark with her incredible performance as Lady Macbeth on Broadway. I chose to pursue a career in medical research so that I might someday make my mark in the world with a groundbreaking discovery.
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make one's mark

to do something that allows one to receive appropriate recognition. Perry made his mark by inventing a special kind of holder for a cell phone.
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make your mark


make a mark

1. If you make your mark or make a mark, you do something which causes you to become noticed or famous. Today we look at the new generation of Japanese directors making their mark in world cinema. She's only been with the company for three months but she's certainly made her mark. He was new to politics and had not yet made a mark.
2. If something makes its mark or makes a mark, it starts to be noticed or to have an effect. The film has already made its mark in terms of awards. If cricket ever made a mark in the United States, it would be guys like Bevan who would sell it.
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make your mark

become famous and successful.
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ˌmake your ˈmark

become famous because you are very good at something: He’s an actor who has made his mark in comedy shows.
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Summary: Eccentric popstar Lady Gaga has made her mark on social network game Farmville.
Before The Year of Magical Thinking, Didion made her mark as the preeminent chronicler of Los Angeles at its dirtiest and dreamiest.
After playing in All-American Ashlee Trebilcock's shadow the previous two years, Hart of Newhall shooting guard Taylor Lilley made her mark with a season for the ages.
At Curtis, Serkin schooled Laredo in the basics of Mozart and Beethoven, turning a disapproving eye on her youthful love for Rachmaninoff, but it was with his music, as well as that of his fellow Russian, Scriabin, that Laredo made her mark.
Gates first made her mark at the Joffrey dancing roles like Ashton's Five Brahms Waltzes in the Manner of Isadora Duncan, Juliet in Cranko's Romeo and Juliet, the Chosen
She deserves tribute, and we deserve to know how she made her mark that future generations might follow her lead to the greater good.
Markus is familiar to a wide readership through his Buildings and Power of 1994; Cameron is a linguist who apparently made her mark with an article entitled 'Naming of Parts: Gender, Culture and Terms for the Penis amongst American College Students'.
Clodagh, founder of Clodagh Design, is an internationally renowned Irish-born designer who has made her mark on the design community by creating environments as "art to live in.
Once enslaved in Brazil, she made her mark by destroying her masters and reestablishing her title, this time as princess of the Kingdom of Palmares, a community of runaway slaves.
THOUSAND OAKS - A 14-year-old Thousand Oaks girl has made her mark in the entertainment industry.
That's because the South Pasadena resident, now 62, made her mark on the advertising world as a hand model, pouring wine, displaying nail polish and caressing perfume bottles for $1,000 a day - often doubling as the hands of Lauren Hutton, Cybill Shepherd, Florence Henderson and other stars.
Sytch, who made her mark as one of the sexiest and most provocative wrestling queens while part of the WWF from 1996-97, joined the ECW in 1998.
Evans, a senior managing director of Bankers Trust International in London, said, "Carolyn's resignation has been accepted with regret and understanding of a decision to leave an industry where she has made her mark for a pursuit in which she has a deep interest.