made for

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make for (somewhere or something)

1. To move in the direction toward some place, often hastily, and/or in order to flee. They made for the storm cellar as quickly as they could. It's getting dark, so we'd better make for camp.
2. To produce or result in something; to be good material for something. If nothing else, today's fiasco will definitely make for a good story. Being really busy always makes for a quick day. If I don't have a lot to do, time drags on so slowly.
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made for someone

created to please someone or look good on someone in particular. This hat was made for me. This suit was just made for me!
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made for something

to have been designed or manufactured for some purpose; to be very suitable for something or some purpose. This night was made for love. This wrench is manufactured from the strongest metal. It is made for jobs just like this one.
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made for

Perfectly suited for: They're really made for each other.
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The cultural relationship and contacts of Native Hawaiians with the Maori of New Zealand who provided the early impetus for FGC, the small size of the state, and its pattern of political-bureaucratic centralization allowing for statewide adoption of a uniform program, all made for statewide adoptability of this innovation.
645 election will be made for a QRT, the trustee is not required to file Form 1041 for the short taxable year of the QRT beginning with the decedent's death and ending Dec.
Thin polyolefin foams have been made for decades for decorative ribbons, wire wrap, and sleeve-type labels.
The fact is that the work of human hands results in a very special bread, specifically defined and made for the purpose, and it is a very special offering, in truth Christ's very own.
In a heavy-duty blender (a commercial bar-style blender made for crushing ice works best), process ice cubes, espresso-chocolate mixture and milk until slushy and well-blended but still icy.