made for

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made for someone

created to please someone or look good on someone in particular. This hat was made for me. This suit was just made for me!
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made for something

to have been designed or manufactured for some purpose; to be very suitable for something or some purpose. This night was made for love. This wrench is manufactured from the strongest metal. It is made for jobs just like this one.
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made for

Perfectly suited for: They're really made for each other.
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This election can be made for any asset class, and applies to all property in that class put in service in that year.
645 election is made for the purposes of income tax rules; thus, information-reporting requirements for foreign trusts will continue to apply.
There is some confusion as to exactly when a QSST election may be made for a QTIP trust created under a will.
No demand was made for repayment of the notes on their due dates and no legal action was taken to enforce the terms of the notes (see, e.
The argument can be made for a taxpayer to claim a business bad debt deduction for advances made or guarantees of loans to a corporation of which he is both a shareholder and employee, provided that the facts clearly indicate that the taxpayer's dominant motivation for the loans was to protect his salary and position as an employee.
736(b)(3) generally repeals the special treatment of liquidation payments made for unstated goodwill and unrealized receivables.
645 election will be made for a QRT, the trustee is not required to file Form 1041 for the short taxable year of the QRT beginning with the decedent's death and ending Dec.
Thin polyolefin foams have been made for decades for decorative ribbons, wire wrap, and sleeve-type labels.