make faces (at someone)

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make faces (at someone)

To make distorted, silly, or humorous facial expressions (at someone), usually for one's own or someone else's amusement, or as a show of disgust. Jimmy, quit making faces at Sarah this instant and pay attention! Mom, tell Billy to quit making faces, he's really annoying me!
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make faces

(at someone) Go to make a face (at someone).
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pull/make ˈfaces/a ˈface (at somebody/something)

produce an expression on your face to show that you do not like somebody/something or in order to make somebody laugh: What are you pulling a face at now?The little girl stood outside the window of the cafe making faces at everybody. ▶ ˈface-pulling noun: He amazed the audience with his silent mime and face-pulling performance.
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References in classic literature ?
With Korak and A'ht I hunted the antelope and the boar, and I sat upon a tree limb and made faces at Numa, the lion, and threw sticks at him and annoyed him until he roared so terribly in his rage that the earth shook.
When the chambermaid asked him just now if he should want a bed, sir, he first made faces at her, and then wanted to kiss her.
The langurs, the big gray-whiskered monkeys of the Himalayas, were, naturally, the first, for they are alive with curiosity; and when they had upset the begging-bowl, and rolled it round the floor, and tried their teeth on the brass-handled crutch, and made faces at the antelope skin, they decided that the human being who sat so still was harmless.
Her baby charmingly made faces, and Martinez referred to this as her daughter's way of greeting fans and followers.
The software was able to analyze the information to detect subtle trends in the features that made faces more or less memorable, he added.
The boy stood on the other side of the road and made faces and obscene gestures at the driver.