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We just did the maddest, silliest things we could think of.
THIS has been the maddest year of my life, what with the book coming out and my birth mother deciding to tell her family of my existence.
The Gumball 3000 has been dubbed the "world's maddest, fastest and most eccentric" car rally.
It goes on to say: 'You have to scramble, climb, swim, and maddest of all, cliff jump to complete a good coasteering route, and it's invariably an adrenalin-fuelled experience but others simply love the feeling of moving through a dramatic landscape; whichever way, prepare to get addicted.
Louise, from Heaton, Newcastle, said: "It has been the maddest week ever.
MEET the maddest Midlander - she has bags of potential.
Asked if it was the maddest he had ever seen the USC head coach, Brymer said, ``Yeah, probably.
Maddest of all was the House of God, run by a woman called Christina Gallagher, a supposed visionary and miracle worker.
The Rocky Horror Show tells the story of engaged sweethearts Brad and Janet who are forced to seek refuge in a castle full of the maddest, baddest and sexiest group the world has ever seen.
One of the maddest ERYRI Harriers' ladies clinched third place in this year's British fell-racing championship in the final race at Dufton, near Penrith, on Saturday.
My belief is that the green craze, at its maddest - which is what we are going through just now - will pass over like the hula hoop"
The game was ruined by one of the maddest decisions I've ever seen.
I'm lucky with my pupils as I can try the maddest things and they're always game.
Brother Chris told the ECHO: "The last big match Steve and I watched together was Istanbul, and it was the maddest and greatest night of our lives.
In between live performances, visitors can see at the biggest collection of performance cars ever amassed in one place, as well as learning more about events like the highly exclusive Gumball 3000, handle the latest gadgets and marvel at some of the maddest modifications around in the Sony Ericsson Studio.