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mack out

To improve the performance or appearance of something by customizing it with new components or decorations. A noun or pronoun can be used between "mack" and "out." I bought a car for less than $2,000, then macked it out with speakers, new tires, and a sick paint job. The company urges people to bring in their old, beat-up computers and let their team of engineers mack out the old machines, rather than throw them away and buy brand new ones.
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1. noun, slang Someone who procures customers for a prostitute; a pimp. You try to leave without paying, and my mack will hunt you down and cut you up. The girls banded together and beat the mack to within an inch of his life, leaving him bleeding on the doorstep of the police station with four ounces of cocaine in his jacket.
2. noun, slang One's ability to seduce or sexually proposition someone. Used especially in the phrase "get (one's) mack on." I was trying to get my mack on with Samantha when you came over talking about video games and junk! The other girls and I all got ready in our hotel room, each of us looking to find some hot guys and get our mack on.
3. verb, slang To attempt to seduce or sexually proposition someone. Typically followed by "on (someone)." Look at John trying to mack on those girls at the bar—he's at least twice their age! I asked Jeff if he wants to come play soccer with us, but all he wants to do is go mack on girls at the mall.

mack daddy

slang A man who is skilled at seducing or alluring sexual partners; a man who has sex frequently with different partners. He thinks he's a mack daddy cause he slept around a little in college.
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mack on (one)

slang To attempt to seduce or sexually proposition one. Look at John trying to mack on that woman at the bar—he's at least twice her age! I asked Jeff if he wants to come play soccer with us, but all he wants to do is go mack on girls at the mall.
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n. a generic name for a man. (Also a term of address.) Look, Mac, you want to make some big money?


n. a pimp. (From mackerel, a form of which once had the meaning “broker.”) This gal’s mack was slapping her silly when the police came.

mack daddy

n. a man who is popular with the ladies. Sam is a real mack daddy. Sure knows how to treat the ladies.
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mack on someone

1. in. to make a sexual proposition to someone. You try to mack on anything that wears a skirt!
2. in. to make out with someone. Sam is in the back room macking on Mary.
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The closest they got was that Mack may have worked a few Death Row events, and that a few other officers may also have done gigs for the rap producer, he said.
It was a different Zeitgeist, and Mack was the Zeitgeist,'' Sills said.
During the last four months, he has robbed two banks in Beverly Hills, three in Brentwood, four in Los Angeles and one in Malibu, Mack said.
A bullet hit Mack in the left side of his chin, followed the contour of his jawbone, and exited from the right side, Peavy said.
Sletten said Mack could have another seizure any time, or he might never have one.
A prime location for industrial users, 23 Mack Drive is just off Interstate 287 with direct access to the New Jersey Turnpike and Routes 1, 9 and 27.
Mack serves as a member of the board of directors of DiGiorgio/White Rose Corp.
Mack Fleet Management Services offer customers tools to effectively and efficiently manage their operations, improving their total cost of ownership," said Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North American Sales and Marketing.
CMI has had great success as a Volvo construction equipment dealer and really knows the vocational market," says John Thomas, Mack west region vice president.
Today, Mack has a six-figure retirement account, a college fund for her 2-year-old, and a plan for the future.
So Mack held a strategic meeting and formed a new business model based on what technologies it had, what it did well, and what the foreign competitors didn't do as well.
When the company introduced me to eCAP, I knew that August Mack could offer exactly what our company needed.
Writer-director Mack Polhemus (``The Scottish Tale'') has taken that idea to the extreme with his latest, a family-
But when the Swiss power-brokers elashed with John Mack, the former Morgan Stanley high-flyer hired to resurrect CSFB's fortunes, they took a chance on this low-key 44-year-old.
Mack, who resigned from his position as chairman of the New York State Council on the Arts in January.