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Big Mac attack

n. a sudden and desperate need for a Big Mac sandwich, a product of the McDonald’s restaurant chain. (Big Mac is a protected trade name of McDonald’s.) I feel a Big Mac attack coming on!
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mac out

in. to overeat, especially the type of food served at McDonald’s fast-food restaurants. (see also blimp out, pig out, pork out, scarf out.) I’ve been in Europe for a month, and I just want to get home and mac out.
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n. a generic name for a man. (Also a term of address.) Look, Mac, you want to make some big money?


See Mack


n. a pimp. (From mackerel, a form of which once had the meaning “broker.”) This gal’s mack was slapping her silly when the police came.
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Roxio (booth 935) will demonstrate Toast with Jam, an audio tool that allows users to produce high-quality commercial CDs and demos, delivering CD and DVD burning power plus professional audio editing and mastering for the Mac
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Since Mac users can run Windows on a Mac with today's Intel-based Macs, they are vulnerable to a whole new range of security threats: viruses, spyware, adware and hackers are all waiting to compromise their Windows installation.
Providing advanced 3D graphics processing for the Macintosh, the Radeon graphics card is available immediately for order through The Apple Store for all Power Mac G4 and Power Mac G4 Cube models for an additional $100.
Jeffrey Ichikawa, a Los Angeles resident, said he hopes the cloning of Macs will open up consumers' options, such as buying a Mac with ``this drive, or that, or more RAM but no CD-ROM.
In recent years, screen sharing over the Internet has brought enormous productivity advantages to all kinds of business, yet Mac users have been widely underserved.
Many of the most popular Windows applications are supported by CrossOver Mac, such as Microsoft Office (including native Outlook support for Exchange servers); Microsoft Visio and Project; Intuit Quicken and QuickBooks; and best-selling games like Half Life 2 and Prey.
The Mac user community has been waiting for years for a solution like the Goldtouch for Mac," says Christopher Lowe, Director of Sales for Key Ovation (www.
NASDAQ:MALL), is making it easier than ever for computer users to run both Windows and Mac OS X applications on a brand-new Mac.