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in the lap of luxury

Cliché in luxurious surroundings. John lives in the lap of luxury because his family is very wealthy. When I retire, I'd like to live in the lap of luxury.
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lap of luxury

Fig. a luxurious situation. I rather enjoy living in the lap of luxury. You call this pigpen the lap of luxury?
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in the lap of luxury

if you are in the lap of luxury, you live in conditions of much comfort because you have a lot of money I have to earn enough to keep my wife in the lap of luxury. They live in the lap of luxury in a huge great house in the south of France.
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lap of luxury, in the

In affluent circumstances, equipped with anything money can buy. For example, Jane grew up in the lap of luxury. This expression alludes to the lap as a place of comfort. [Late 1700s]
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the lap of luxury

Conditions of great affluence or material comfort: an heiress living in the lap of luxury.
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