luxuriate in

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luxuriate in something

to indulge oneself in something; to enjoy the luxury of something. She stood in front of the mirror, luxuriating in her lovely new coat. They were all luxuriating in the warm, bubbling waters of the hot tub.
References in classic literature ?
And while the steward shook his head, Doctor Emory lighted a big Havana and continued audibly to luxuriate in his fictitious triumph over the other doctor.
For during the whole time of their being together they luxuriate in telling one another their minds on whatever subject turns up; and their minds are wonderfully antagonistic, and all their opinions are downright beliefs.
Chasing down your career goals takes persistence (and incredible resilience), but it's all worth it once you find your place where, like Dudley Williams, you can just luxuriate in the joy of dancing.
They boast how well the economy is doing but what that means is the rich luxuriate in ever-growing fortunes while the poor and disabled are reduced to destitution.
Guests can enjoy afternoon tea in the iconic Palm Court, dine in the exquisite Grand Ballroom and luxuriate in the soothing vinotherapy spa.
SECURE in their jobs, senior management of Birmingham City Council luxuriate in their contemptuous apathy, whilst rank and file city workers, diligent in their duties, face shorter hour revised contracts or the prospect of redundancy.
Is yours one of the fingers punching in Anne Widdecombe's number so that you'll have another week to luxuriate in her making a fool of herself?
But it's also an album to lie back and luxuriate in, its rich backdrop (everything from orchestra to watering can, and musical box to kitchen sink) dreamlike.
Luxuriate in two stunning sea view twin rooms and enjoy a round of golf each on the fabulous Torrance course that offers stunning vistas over St Andrews, the Home of Golf.
The truth of the matter is few of us will ever be able to luxuriate in the vast gun collection of our dreams.
So, go ahead: sleep in, read by the pool, watch movies in the comfort of your air-conditioned hotel room, luxuriate in the Doral's famous therapeutic hot and cold cascading waterfalls, and feel the stresses of your life simply wash away.
They luxuriate in regret--as if, by living a few extra years, the Imam might have enabled them to negotiate the morass of their own lives.
The essence of Literature, though, is that the reader is presumed to have ample time to savour fine words and phrases; he or she no longer must figuratively rush to catch a train--but, having caught it, may now luxuriate in the parlour car, happily entertained by a really good book.
In Play>>, 2003, a brief, dreamlike color film shown on DVD, Finnish artist Liisa Lounila makes the decision for you: Luxuriate in looking.
Now the world can luxuriate in real fur rugs, guilt-free.