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luxuriate in something

to indulge oneself in something; to enjoy the luxury of something. She stood in front of the mirror, luxuriating in her lovely new coat. They were all luxuriating in the warm, bubbling waters of the hot tub.
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They luxuriate in regret--as if, by living a few extra years, the Imam might have enabled them to negotiate the morass of their own lives.
The essence of Literature, though, is that the reader is presumed to have ample time to savour fine words and phrases; he or she no longer must figuratively rush to catch a train--but, having caught it, may now luxuriate in the parlour car, happily entertained by a really good book.
Now the world can luxuriate in real fur rugs, guilt-free.
Hunt possesses a poet's eye for the evocative image, and it's tempting to luxuriate in his descriptive prose.
GET a good night's sleep or just have a lazy Sunday lie-in and luxuriate in this ultra stylish Bari leather bed (half price at pounds 299,or pounds 269.
Everyone else can simply luxuriate in the complex highlife rhythms, gravelly low harmonies, and quiet lyrical maturity of "I Saw a Bird Fly Away," or in the heartbreakingly sweet declarations of romantic devotion on "The One Who Knows," or in the sturdy rock 'n' roll of "Your Fire Your Soul.
Dragon lovers will luxuriate in the imaginative and fully developed lore.
Far from seeking an escape from this modern world of machines and technology, Tolkien buffs luxuriate in its offerings.
Gerald Finzi's Seven Songs of Thomas Hardy allows Polegato to luxuriate in the lovely "To Lizbie Browne" and the strange "The Clock of the Years.
One of the many charms of Musselburgh has always been that, in the timelessness of the weighing room, one has been able to luxuriate in the illusion that the world is still as nice a place as Fred Rickaby tells me it was before the war.
It has become acceptable to luxuriate in the flesh of strangers.
And, of course, there was the Mir disaster, which allowed us to relive Apollo 13 (the movie) and luxuriate in our familiar contempt for the former Soviet Union -- "a country that doesn't even exist anymore," Newsweek reminded us, with a "space agency so impoverished it has sublet part of its mission-control building to a store that sells fighting fixtures.
But instead of linglering to luxuriate in the embrace and release her eggs, she immediately hops away -- with her lover still clinging -- in search of a more perfect pond for pairing.
The treasure of amenities ensures the entire family endless opportunities to enjoy, participate and luxuriate, day and night, on their dream vacation.
CARO EMERALD Presents Drum Rolls & Heart Breaks Fans of Ms Emerald's snazzy jazzy Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor album can luxuriate in the tastefully tropical retro raptures here.