lure in to

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lure someone or something in to something

 and lure someone or something in
to entice someone or something into something or a place. The thief tried to lure the tourist into an alley to rob him. Using an old trick, the thief lured in the tourist.
See also: lure
References in classic literature ?
Desirous to dispel entirely this timidity, and to open a trade with the simple inhabitants of the hut, who, he did not doubt, had furs somewhere concealed, the captain now drew forth that grand lure in the eyes of a savage, a pocket mirror.
is proud to introduce the slickFISH lure, the first truly weedless lure, a remarkable new product that is challenging the concept of the "weedless" lure in the fishing industry.
Fishing enthusiasts from The Valvoline Company announced today that they are offering anglers a free, limited edition Rapala Lure in specially-marked packages of SynPower Complete Fuel System Treatment, a once-a-year synthetic treatment specially designed to clean and protect a car's entire fuel system.
When we play our recordings, we don't appear to lure in breeders, we appear to only lure in young prospectors," Podolsky says.
Lure makers recognize that the longer a fish holds a lure in its mouth, the more likely it is that an angler can set the hook and reel in the catch.
So just before he boated his unusual catch, he snapped two quick pictures of the osprey with the lure in its leg.