lure away

lure someone or something away (from someone or something)

to entice or draw someone away from someone or something. Do you think we could lure her away from her present employment? They were not able to lure away many of the employees of the other companies.
See also: away, lure
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A man driving a silver car with tinted windows treed to lure away two girls, one aged seven and the other six, from Creggan, Derry, on Thursday.
NBC is betting it can lure away some of the crowd from the halftime show with a special half-hour edition of ``Saturday Night Live'' with Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon at about 5 p.
It's the perfect time for a rival firm to lure away top talent, with demand for signing bonuses at an all-time high.
EXECUTIVE director Les Reed has fired a shot across the bows of those hoping to lure away Southampton's top talent, warning potential suitors that the likes of Luke Shaw, Adam Lallana and manager Mauricio Pochettino are staying put Saints are all but certain to secure a comfortable top-10 finish at the end of a season in which their style and focus on home-grown talent has attracted many plaudits.
Stating that they have to keep their ambitions high and hold on to our best players, Villas-Boas said that Bale's last-minute goal, which equaled English legend Teddy Sheringham's club record of 21 goals in a Premier League season, was another moment of individual brilliance, adding that it is very difficult to lure away a player of this dimension.
Summary: Madrid: Barcelona have warned off former coach Pep Guardiola from trying to lure away any .
I DON'T know what truth there is in the story that Chelsea are seeking to lure away Ashley Young but if it is true then Villa must issue a very firm 'back off' statement to them.
CHELSEA are ready to lure away Thierry Henry from Arsenal next summer.
O'Driscoll's contract with theIrish Rugby Football Union expires in the summer and English and French clubs are queueing up to lure away the northern hemisphere's most exciting talent.
MILLWALL hope to sign Belgium midfielder Daniel Camus from Mechelan this week and fight off attempts by Blackburn to lure away Republic of Ireland international Steven Reid.
Ironically, Barclays Capital, the investment-banking arm of Barclays Bank, staged a futile raid in February to lure away 40 senior bond executives from Credit Suisse First Boston, a move that reportedly cost CSFB $300 million in "retainers" to placate the would-be defectors.
Arden, the latest subject for Mr Rock and Roll (9pm, C4), styled himself the Al Capone of Pop and had a terrifying reputation, even dangling rival manager Robert Stigwood from a window after hearing that Stigwood was trying to lure away the Small Faces.
Apparently the computer and digital-music titan is finding little concern in RealNetworks' (Nasdaq:RNWK) temporary proposal to lure away iTunes customers.
Meanwhile a crippled orphan girl (Edwina Lea), spurned by her community, happens upon a mysterious, flute-playing stranger (James Michael Doolan) who agrees to lure away the rats, but is doublecrossed by the dastardly mayor and takes revenge by luring away the town's children too.
ISLAMABAD: - There is no room for compromise with hardcore Afghan Taliban but the Afghan government and its allies hope to lure away many of the up to 80 percent of Taliban who joined for economic reasons, a British minister said.