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be left in the lurch

To be left or abandoned without assistance in a particularly awkward, difficult, or troublesome situation. (Sometimes written as "left in a lurch.") I'll really be left in the lurch if the manager decides to quit before this project is finished. Janet was left in a lurch organizing her kid's birthday party when her husband decided to go on a weekend getaway with his friends.
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leave someone in the lurch

Fig. to leave someone waiting for or anticipating your actions. Where were you, John? You really left me in the lurch. I didn't mean to leave you in the lurch. I thought we had canceled our meeting.
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lurch at someone or something

 and lurch toward someone Or something
to sway or turn quickly toward someone or something. Todd lurched at the door and got it open just as the guard saw him. Bill lurched toward the ship's rail and hung on.
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lurch forward

to jerk or sway forward. The car lurched forward and shook us around. When the train lurched forward, we were pushed back into our seats.
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leave somebody in the lurch

also leave somebody in a lurch
to cause someone to be in a situation in which they do not have what they need Her ex-husband didn't want to deal with the kids, so she was left in the lurch. Factories here that rely on parts from overseas were suddenly left in the lurch when imports were suspended.
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leave somebody in the lurch

to leave someone at a time when they need you to stay and help them I hope they can find someone to replace me at work. I don't want to leave them in the lurch.
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leave in the lurch

Abandon or desert someone in difficult straits. For example, Jane was angry enough to quit without giving notice, leaving her boss in the lurch. This expression alludes to a 16th-century French dice game, lourche, where to incur a lurch meant to be far behind the other players. It later was used in cribbage and other games, as well as being used in its present figurative sense by about 1600.
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in the lurch

In a difficult or embarrassing position.
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Ghostly pale models in spooky eye make-up lurched down the runway wearing huge jackets, with oversized shoulders and bulging limbs.
But the "co-pilot" - an engineer with no flying experience - accidentally hit the throttle and the bomber lurched 150ft into the air.
Norwich North MP Ian Gibson said the Home Office lurched "from one scandal to the next" as it emerged that Turk Bilal Darioglu, 30, raped the woman days after immigration officials had been sent to seize him.
A MONGREL that lurched at a mother and child on a city street faces being destroyed unless claimed by today.
The search follows the forced resignations of two former directors of the Department of Children and Family Services in the past three years as the county's foster care system has lurched from crisis to crisis.
And on 90 minutes Lurch lurched to his left to turn away the rampant Smith.
Investors braced for an ugly open to Monday's trading session, as Wall Street lurched on news of another plane crash in New York City in early morning hours.
When he lurched out at midnight, however, he looked like he'd been knocking back the pina coladas with Rodney, Trigger and Boycey.
30 when a car driven by a 65-year-old woman lurched out of control and plowed into a crowd of parents, teachers and students.
But the car lurched back and the open driver's door knocked her to the ground.
Angus Buchanan, 45, and Holly, 13, of Glasgow, were killed when their dinghy lurched, throwing them into the water, on March 13.
Stella Kline, 50, said her chair lurched into a few feet of water Thursday afternoon.
Fans had crowded around the 32-yearold model before the car lurched forward into a bollard outside the Phoenix Theatre.
WOODLAND HILLS - With a wobbly, tentative gait, Juliet the gray- and-white terrier mix lurched forward into a stranger's lap, stretching her body upward to lick the man's chin with her tiny pink tongue.
Dr Salim Verjee was fatally injured when the car lurched forward just moments after the lad had got behind the wheel for a lesson with his brother.