lurch at

(redirected from lurch toward)

lurch at someone or something

 and lurch toward someone Or something
to sway or turn quickly toward someone or something. Todd lurched at the door and got it open just as the guard saw him. Bill lurched toward the ship's rail and hung on.
See also: lurch
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Thursday's crowds were smaller than the hundreds of thousands of people who flooded the streets of Caracas and provincial cities on Wednesday, the latest and largest in several weeks of protests against what Maduro's opponents condemn as a lurch toward dictatorship.
I would like to think, in fact, that it might nip in the bud any wimpish lurch toward vegetarianism.
A sudden lurch toward extremism has alarmed many in the West who supported the ouster of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
Venezuela's democratic system, which has been crumbling under pressure from President Hugo Chavez, has taken another lurch toward collapse.
A decisive outcome is needed so the Philippines' battered economy can lurch toward recovery and Manila's internal political squabbling can finally be laid to rest fairly and peacefully.
You normally take the anti-aging blend preferred by your elders, the baby boomers, who are still clutching their faded youth even as some of them lurch toward a relatively fabulous 80.
Each tiny, torturous step toward ever-renewed catastrophe added one more revelatory crack in the walls of the art prison confining all us art lovers so that the totally cracked Jack Smith could blind us with the light of something else - the lurch toward paradise that begins the workings of all the art machines that then inevitably build nothing but their own beautiful coffins for consciousness .
The connection, never exactly comfortable, is getting harder to defend these days, as many traditional conservatives lurch toward a policy agenda of decidedly coercive content.
in a lurch toward gross linguistic malfeasance, displays "Madison n.
There is a greater danger that Iraq's new regime will collapse than that it will lurch toward extremes.
It also may help Disney deal with the difficult transition it faces in keeping its young fans' attention as they lurch toward puberty and more sophisticated viewing desires, Hensleigh said.
Yet his lurch toward protectionism on trade was disappointing for a candidate who we thought knew better.
The young woman was worse for wear and appeared to lurch toward Mr Linehan's wife.
The fall of communism and Russia's lurch toward capitalism have taken a heavy toll.