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be left in the lurch

To be left or abandoned without assistance in a particularly awkward, difficult, or troublesome situation. (Sometimes written as "left in a lurch.") I'll really be left in the lurch if the manager decides to quit before this project is finished. Janet was left in a lurch organizing her kid's birthday party when her husband decided to go on a weekend getaway with his friends.
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leave someone in the lurch

Fig. to leave someone waiting for or anticipating your actions. Where were you, John? You really left me in the lurch. I didn't mean to leave you in the lurch. I thought we had canceled our meeting.
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lurch at someone or something

 and lurch toward someone Or something
to sway or turn quickly toward someone or something. Todd lurched at the door and got it open just as the guard saw him. Bill lurched toward the ship's rail and hung on.
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lurch forward

to jerk or sway forward. The car lurched forward and shook us around. When the train lurched forward, we were pushed back into our seats.
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leave in the lurch

Abandon or desert someone in difficult straits. For example, Jane was angry enough to quit without giving notice, leaving her boss in the lurch. This expression alludes to a 16th-century French dice game, lourche, where to incur a lurch meant to be far behind the other players. It later was used in cribbage and other games, as well as being used in its present figurative sense by about 1600.
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leave someone in the lurch

COMMON If someone leaves you in the lurch, they put you in a difficult situation by suddenly going away or stopping helping you. My secretary left me in the lurch last month and I haven't found a replacement yet. The airline has shut down, leaving thousands of ticket holders in the lurch. Note: In the card game cribbage, a player is left in a position known as the lurch when an opponent has scored 51 points before the player has managed to either score 31 points or move their peg around the first corner of the board that is used to keep the score.
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leave someone in the lurch

leave an associate or friend abruptly and without assistance or support when they are in a difficult situation.
Lurch as a noun meaning ‘a state of discomfiture’ dates from the mid 16th century but it is now used only in this idiom.
1987 Eileen Dunlop The House on the Hill What have Gilmores ever done but leave her in the lurch? Poor Jane, she just can't run the risk of being hurt again.
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leave somebody in the ˈlurch

(informal) leave somebody who is in a difficult situation and needs your help: You can’t resign now and leave us all in the lurch. It wouldn’t be fair.
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in the lurch

In a difficult or embarrassing position.
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For those of you who wonder what on earth Almunia was doing before he joined Arsenal in his late 20s, I can unreliably inform you that he was in America, making a living as a Lurch impersonator.
The ice cream scoop, shown at the Las Vegas Gourmet Housewares Show where LURCH made its debut, has a mechanism that releases a scoop of ice cream when users loosen the grip on the handle.
University researchers who qualified for government assistance may be left in the lurch until later this year, following the abrupt cancellation of an Ontario government research infrastructure support program.
But there could be even greater risks if the debate continues to lurch in the current direction.
A North East debt firm which collapsed could have left clients in the lurch for up to pounds 10 million.
With insights such as these, the book veers with the occasional awkward lurch between historiography (ie the writing of history) and be history subjects themselves.
And hundreds of ordinary but brave people who have taken on the might of employers over discrimination allegations are have been left in the lurch.
RESIDENTS of a pounds 3million luxury flat development have been left in the lurch after the builders went bust.
They generally occur when plates suddenly lurch past each other and release pent-up pressure.
In the lurch from the 1980s to the 1990s, I feel that pessimism is now prevailing a bit too much and should not be allowed to lead to yet another lurch into something else.
This large generation is just as likely to atomize or lurch further to the right as it is to provide the driving force for a new venture in liberalism.
Donovan at the golf course GO GAGA Ladies who lurch
Lurch from Centre Hall have been accused of stealing merchandise from a supermarket, that police said they intended to use for their wedding reception later that afternoon, the Centre Daily Times reported.
Summary: Vince Cable is aiming to soothe Liberal Democrat anxiety over a lurch to the right by launching an attack on unfettered capitalism.
There was a very substantial lurch," Mr Prime told the inquest, in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.