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(used before a noun) Having an extremely or inordinately loud or strong voice, as of someone with very robust lungs. Despite her petite frame, the leather-lunged lead singer was able to shake the audience with her soulful outpourings.

lunge at someone or something

to jump or dive at someone or something. The dog lunged at the man, but he got out of the way without getting bitten. The dog lunged at the bicycle.
See also: lunge

lunge for someone or something

to charge or jump at someone or something; to attack someone or something. The mugger lunged for her, but she dodged him. Ted lunged for the door, but Bill beat him to it.
See also: lunge
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But Swansea were down to 10 men in the 70th minute when Pintado's lunge was rightly punished.
From a standing position with the ball or plate close to the chest, quickly lunge laterally to one side, simultaneously pressing the plate or ball out.
Females confronted with the same small treat typically don't box or lunge.
Start with a forward lunge with your right leg, then do a diagonal lunge to the right side, then diagonal lunge to the right rear, and finish with a straight reverse lunge.
The lunge is unique in its ability to work both the quadriceps and hamstrings.
Generally, the search of the lunge area and the containers within that area must be conducted contemporaneous to the arrest.
When it comes to judging whether or not Music Lunge has come up with a suitable solution to the time shortage for the hungry social networker.
Alternate lunges - Stand in the same position as you did for squats and slowly lunge one leg forward, bending your knee so that your thigh is approximately parallel to the ground.
com Unbalanced lunge THIS targets your bum, quadriceps and hamstrings but, because of its unstable nature, you also engage the muscles of the core that are needed for balance.
LUNGE Z He leans over LOSER3 Ronaldo's Portugal failed BLOW Z Assistant is punched
EXERCISES MOTIQUStay positive life, remember always worse off sight Lunge Lift your knee up and forward so there is a large range of movement during the exercise and keep your body upright and your shoulders back Skipping The quicker the speed the better.
Jump up and land in a right lunge with your right knee directly over the ankle and left leg behind.
While foraging, the whales literally drop their jaws during a high-speed dive, called a lunge, creating enormous drag akin to a race car driver opening a parachute.
The Gunners were already three goals down when Emmanuel Eboue was sent off for a wild lunge on Patrice Evra after 49 minutes.