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(someone) could sell sawdust to a lumber mill

Someone is an extremely smooth, charming, or persuasive salesperson, such that he or she could sell something to those who have no need or use for it. I can't believe you were able to sell an extra 200 units to the hospital. You could sell sawdust to a lumber mill!
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lumber along

to lope or walk along heavily and awkwardly. The horses were lumbering along very slowly because they were tired out. They were lumbering along, hoping to get there on time.
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lumber off

to move or lope away heavily and awkwardly. The frightened bear lumbered off, and we left in a hurry. He lumbered off, leaving us there alone.
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7% countervailing duty on Canadian lumber imports and anti-dumping duties averaging about 2.
law means that the lumber imports are not subject to duties.
Several NAFTA panel decisions have unanimously determined that the Commerce Department was using flawed calculations to reach the conclusion that Canadian lumber is subsidized.
and Mexico, the administration has failed to implement decisions that invalidate the lumber duties.
At IBS 2010 visit LifeTime Lumber at their demonstration deck on the "Highlander" home at IBS Show Village.
Containing no wood, plastic or PVC, LifeTime Lumber is something completely new for the building industry - thermoset polymers combined with recycled mineral filler.
LifeTime Lumber is a highly versatile material with working properties similar to those of wood, and can be sawed, as well as screwed and nailed together with regular wood working tools," said Jim Mahler, president of LifeTime Lumber.
LifeTime Lumber envisioned developing a better building material that would deliver a solution to the inherent problems of degradation, weathering and perpetual maintenance experienced by wood-plastic composites and traditional wood lumber.
A sustainable product with an ultra-strong internal molecular structure made from a majority of reclaimed minerals, LifeTime Lumber complies with LEED requirements contributing valuable points in the LEED 4.
CHICAGO -- USPL and Russin to Appear Together at Lumber and Materials Expo Today and Tomorrow
Russin Lumber is the foremost wholesale building material distributor in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States.
This agreement with Russin Lumber marks the next vital step in our turnaround strategy for USPL," said Disbrow.
Today Russin Lumber gives USPL a tremendous vote of confidence," said Joseph E.