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lull before the storm

 and calm before the storm
a quiet period just before a period of great activity or excitement. (Literal in reference to weather.) It was very quiet in the cafeteria just before the students came in for lunch. It was the lull before the storm. In the brief calm before the storm, the clerks prepared themselves for the doors to open and bring in thousands of shoppers.
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lull someone into a false sense of security

Cliché to lead someone into believing that all is well before attacking or doing someone bad. We lulled the enemy into a false sense of security by pretending to retreat. Then we launched an attack. The boss lulled us into a false sense of security by saying that our jobs were safe and then let half the staff go.
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lull (someone or an animal) to sleep

to quiet and comfort someone or an animal to sleep. The sound of the waves lulled me to sleep. The dog's heartbeat lulled her puppies to sleep.
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lull you into something/doing something

to make you feel calm or safe when it is not reasonable to feel this way His confidence lulled me into thinking things were somehow going to work out.
Usage notes: often used with the phrase a false sense of security (a feeling that everything is under control when it really is not): Don't let the computer lull you into a false sense of security – there are still lots of ways for you to make mistakes.
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the lull before the storm

See: the calm before the storm
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lull somebody into a false sense of security

  also give somebody a false sense of security
to make someone feel safe when they are not Wearing suntan lotion can lull people into a false sense of security and make them spend longer in the sun than they should.
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lull into

Deceive into trustfulness, as in The steadily rising market lulled investors into a false sense of security. The earliest recorded version of this term referred to wine: "Fitter indeed to bring and lull men asleep in the bed of security" (Philemon Holland, Pliny's Historie of the World, 1601. Today it still often appears with the phrase a false sense of security.
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References in classic literature ?
Months of immunity from danger under the protecting watchfulness of the sentries, which Tarzan had taught the tribe to post, had lulled them all into a sense of peaceful security based on that fallacy which has wrecked many enlightened communities in the past and will continue to wreck others in the future--that because they have not been attacked they never will be.
An interesting question, but Margaret fell asleep, tethered by affection, and lulled by the murmurs of the river that descended all the night from Wales.
Lulled by the Syren-song that my own heart sung to me, with eyes shut to all sight, and ears closed to all sound of danger, I drifted nearer and nearer to the fatal rocks.
The grim and convulsed countenance of the victim was at times brought full into the light of the moon, and again as the wind lulled, the fatal rope drew a dark line across its bright disk.
But now nothing was distinct to her; she was being lulled to sleep with that soft stream still flowing over her, with those delicious visions melting and fading like the wondrous aerial land of the west.
MARTIN O'Neill will not be lulled into a false sense of security this evening - because he feels the truly 'big' teams like Manchester United can cope better with lulls than Villa.
The Prison Service must not be lulled into a false sense of security after the number of jail suicides nationally fell by nearly a fifth last year, a prison reform group said today.
It's all too easy to be lulled into a false sense of optimism by the success of airline deregulation.
Dino-size kudos to Mike Milne, the director of computer animation: The visuals are so persuasive you could, if not careful, be lulled into believing you're watching the real thing.
Women who regularly examine their own breasts and don't find lumps shouldn't be lulled into a "false sense of security," Thomas says.
While homeowners should feel reassured that the mulch they buy for their spring planting is not likely to transport termites, they shouldn't be lulled into a false sense of security, thinking that termites are not an important problem that can and should be prevented with the help of a pest professional.
Disney's lawyers also argued that the suit failed to show that the company's directors were lulled by executives or blinded by conflicts of interest into approving Ovitz's severance package when he became Disney Chairman Michael Eisner's second in command in 1995.
The ability to eradicate cholera and other water-borne diseases that killed thousands last century "has lulled [U.