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Moreover, the Lucking partners are confident that this step marks the beginning of a new avenue for bringing together US and European investment capital with the tremendous emerging business opportunities in China and elsewhere in Asia.
According to Lam, Lucking Worldwide aims to bridge the gaps that have heretofore discouraged western investment in emerging Chinese companies and have impeded Chinese entrepreneurs from accessing western capital markets.
For example, Lam explained, among the services Lucking Worldwide plans to provide are asset and lease securitization, and enhanced access for Asian businesses to the global capital pool.
Lucking returned to Phoenix in 1981 after retiring as chairman of Hackensack Water, but remained a director of the company and its parent firm, United Water Resources (NYSE: UWR), until 1987.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Walter Theodore Lucking, former head of New Jersey's Hackensack Water Company and Arizona Public Service Co.
Lucking came East in 1973 as president and chief executive officer of Hackensack Water Company, after completing a first career in the energy industry.