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Smith, a former Everton youth team coach, said: "A manager was once asked what makes some managers more successful than others and he said that they were just luckier than the rest.
Those who reported an increase on average felt they had become 50 per cent luckier.
The harder William Phillips works, the more talent he displays, the luckier he seems to get.
On the face of it, she was luckier than the schoolgirl Nicola Diston who lost an eye in a similar unprovoked attack a year ago last March and yet these weapons continue to be available without a firearms licence.
The luckier ones will learn to follow, and others, sadly, will perish.
But she was luckier than many asylum seekers; at least she had some friends.
Others are luckier in fending for themselves; the poor and weak ar e among those who resort to survival strategies in which sexual connection plays some role.
But these shoppers were luckier than those in Netto at Mitcham which had no trolleys and customers had to carry shopping around in empty vegetable crates.
Actually, when you take its robotic precision and stability into account, you're probably luckier with AESOP than a human surgeon.
This real estate manager's daughter was luckier than many.
Bellevue is luckier than most smaller municipalities in the region because it has had a stormwater utility for 24 years and has most, if not all, of the required stormwater programs in place to protect its streams and lakes," says Phyllis Varner, surface water quality manager for the city's utilities department.
How lucky we all are that she took that journey and luckier still that she is such a gifted writer that we could learn with her and be entertained immensely while doing so.
But we were much luckier than those who live in Dade County.
Though Bolden persevered through the rigorous Olympic training, refusing to let her disorder slow her down, she admits to being one of the disease's luckier victims.
How much luckier can the numbers get at the beginning of the Year of the Dog?