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lube (someone or something) up

To cover (someone or something) in a lubricating substance in order to minimize friction. You should try lubing up the chain and see if that makes any difference to how the bike feels. Make sure you lube the pistons up really well before you reassemble the machine.
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lubed up

Very drunk. I mean, I was too lubed up to even see straight, so there was absolutely no way I was going to get behind the wheel of a car.
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lube up

1. To coat something thoroughly with a lubricating substance; make something slippery to prevent damage or irritation from friction: The mechanic lubed up the engine. I took the gears out of the motor, lubed them up, and put them back in.
2. To be drunk. Used in the passive: I was pretty lubed up, so I took a taxi home.
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n. butter. Pass the lube, will ya, huh?
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Heartland Jiffy Lube is a prime example of how Splunk ES and Splunk UBA can help bolster and automate security across the entire network in real time while lowering costs.
Note: Even if you wipe excess lube off the case neck, the die may still accumulate too much inside and cause a dent to form on the next case neck or shoulder.
Dusty and dirty conditions call for a lube that isn't tacky.
Their website states that while a majority of competing oil change and auto repair shops in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph area include an extra fee for this and get paid for every litre they recycle, Lube N Go isn't interested in asking their customers to pay more for this service.
Furthermore, in one study the use of lube for anal sex was associated with the presence of rectal STIs.
As a result of the generous support of its customers across the country, earlier this year, Jiffy Lube announced that its 2010 Maintenance Partners for Life campaign raised more than $1 million for the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement-for a third year.
Thermo supplies customers such as auto dealers and lube shops with 55-gallon drums for accumulating used filters.
According to a phone survey conducted by Jiffy Lube and a market research firm, one in 300 births occur in a motor vehicle.
But this year Pershing County police officers tested the First Amendment, ordering a gay men's camp called Jiffy Lube (slogan: "Get in.
The delightful Lip Lube ($3) and Elephant Lube ($3-$6)--"salve for fingers, toes and elbows"--are made from pure, natural flavors and oils like olive oil, beeswax and shea butter.
We have an epidemic on our hands," says Hindman, himself a reform-school product and the founder of the Jiffy Lube automotive franchise.
ExpressWay Lube Centers, one of the country's largest independent fast lube companies, has formed a joint venture with Quaker State Minit-Lube, the fast lube subsidiary of Quaker State Corporation.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 7, 2017-CenterOak Partners Acquires Quick Lube Franchisor FullSpeed Automotive
TravelCenters is planning to buy Quaker Steak & Lube s restaurant and related assets for about $25 million.