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B]y Degrees [my Vertigo] turned to a constant Head-ach, Giddiness, Lowness, Anxiety and Terror, so that I went about like a Malefactor condemn'd, or one who expected every Moment to be crushed by a ponderous Instrument of Death, hanging over his Head.
A few months ago I went through a period of deep-down lowness, missing husband, moving house, not knowing which way to turn for comfort I poured out my heart to my sister.
Their streety dialect served to contrast the lowness of their station with the nobility of their gesture.
Hanbal (164/780-241/855) assured his students, "If you miss a hadith with elevation, you will find it with lowness and it will not harm you in terms of your religion or your intellect.
Her Royal Lowness now stands at five foot, three inches.
nothing could have subdu'd nature / To such a lowness but his unkind daughters" (70-71).
Alarming rumours ran through the City of London a fortnight ago about the lowness of the country's foodstocks, and traders and financial institutions were alike perturbed.
The middle fingers should guarantee the lowness of the pitch, as well as prevent the pitch from being thrown hard.
latency); and (3) the highness or lowness of the cry (i.
The lowness of the doses required for infectivity contributes to the high frequency of disease.
Pitch refers to the highness or lowness of a musical sound.
If such apparent lowness and littleness of spirit still seems to you to be a disqualification for the presidency, you have not yet absorbed the lessons of Clintonism.
They are sloping hills and their conspicuousness seems principally to arise from the lowness of the neighbouring lands.
Aggregate demand was in fact low in 1933, but its lowness was not the cause, let alone the root cause, of low output and high unemployment.