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The fate of these lowlifes deserves special mention when the time of reckoning comes.
The courts need to take a much tougher stance against lowlifes like Connors as they don't deserve the freedom the rest of us enjoy.
Simon Kirby My son was attacked on a bus last year and the camera wasn't working - it could have helped catch the lowlifes who did it.
We accept this may upset a few lowlifes who have trouble grasping reality, but we believe the vast majority of ECHO readers will respect our stance in not providing a platform for a person and a party which remain intent on spreading their poison.
This poor lady suffered at the hands of these lowlifes.
The lowlifes of ``Glengarry Glen Ross'' have nothing on these women.
In the process he tries to recover an Elvin magic cloth, which is being pursued by a variety of lowlifes and influential people.
We already know why crimes are committed -because the perpetrators are idle lowlifes with no sense of right or wrong and probably in the grip of a drug habit.
who) does a seriously funny job of taking on the derangement of consumer culture and the high pretensions of political lowlifes.
If he had his way, he would have criminals executed in public to instill fear among the lowlifes so they would not be emulated by other buang.
Her long-suffering boyfriend Wesley Quirke has just ridden into town on his white horse to save her from the humility of hitching a ride on public transport like the rest of us lowlifes.
The person or people who did this are just lowlifes.
The criminals and lowlifes we have in society today must be laughing their heads off at the pathetic justice system we have in this country.
terror everything that LaChiusa and Wolfe are looking to convey about these lowlifes and their mean little dreams.