low profile

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*low profile

Fig. a persona or character that does not draw attention. (*Typically: assume ~; have ~; keep ~; give oneself ~.) I try to be quiet and keep a low profile. It's hard because I just love attention.
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McElroy's Low Profile Rollers were designed for pipe sized 4 to 20 inches in diameter.
Brotherton plans on using the Low Profile Rollers in the future for 4- and 6-inch plastic pipe installations.
Specifically, these forward-looking statements include statements regarding the potential benefits to broadband wireless, Wi-Fi and public safety markets from the use of the new low profile wideband antenna.
Built to be as rugged and reliable as the rest of McElroy's products, the Low Profile Rollers are a modular design with extremely compact storage in a crate that holds 40 rollers.
The Low Profile Rollers were recently used at the Highland Valley Copper mine in British Columbia, Canada.
NASDAQ: SYMM), a worldwide leader in precise time and frequency products and services, today announced the new 9250, a unique military oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) that combines low g sensitivity in a small, low profile package.
Part of a new family of low g oscillators from Symmetricom that support these applications, the 9250 uniquely combines excellent frequency stability and low dynamic phase noise in a small, low profile package.
The low profile feature enables LeWiz's card to operate in small form factor equipment such as 1U and 2U systems.
This rugged, low profile portable antenna features an articulating knuckle that provides 0(degree) to 90(degree) pivot and 180(degree) swivel movement for vertical or horizontal orientation, as required by the user application.
announces the first RoHS-compliant low profile PCI digital I/O adapter, the PIO-24.
The board offers a selectable RS-232/422/485/530 interface and is MD1 low profile and universal bus compatible (3.
Very Low Profile - Same as Industry Package SOT-227 Height for SP3 and SP6-P
STS), a subsidiary of The O'Gara Group, today announced that it has received an order from the Michigan State Police for advanced AN/PVS-21 Low Profile Night Vision Goggles (LPNVG).
NYSE:MU) today announced the availability of 512 megabyte (MB) and 1 gigabyte (GB) double data rate (DDR) and DDR2 very low profile (VLP) registered dual-inline memory modules (RDIMMs).
The uESD dual series is designed to protect voltage-sensitive components for two lines in applications that demand minimal board space and low profiles, such as cell phones, MP3 players and portable gaming systems.