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I will argue that middle-class spinsters, as well as their married peers, took ideals of love and marriage very seriously, and that spinsterhood was indeed often a consequence of their adherence to those ideals.
59) Eros is frowned upon by the moral spokespersons, but is present nonetheless: Lycidas impregnates Olimpe whom he neither loves nor marries, and his action is lightly dismissed - by Astree, of all people - as a youthful indiscretion.
Loves smiles broadly, continuing, "`And the water goes up and out, into fountain--thaaat's Balanchine
xxx WATSON RICHIE He never looks for praises, he's never one to boast, he just goes on quietly working for those he loves the most.
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xx love Taylor xx Ward Dean A real man loves someone elses child as he would his own, and I love u for that alone
As Erich Fromm has pointed out, if one loves maturely then love implies concern for the person loved and responsibility for the needs of the other.
And here's my Christmas present to you: my hope that you believe God loves you in the same passionate way.
Pope Benedict XVI loves his flock - not in some fleeting or emotional sense, but in a deeper, enduring and self-sacrificial way.
In the daytime she rises, she goes about the city, in the streets and squares, to seek him whom her soul loves, and despite her seeking, she finds him not (3.
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They are -- "God loves us unconditionally, and yes, He meets us 'where we're at.