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I had a lovely time.

 and We had a lovely time.
a polite expression of thanks to the host or hostess. Fred: Good-bye. I had a lovely time. Bill: Nice to have you. Do come again. Jane: We had a lovely time. Mary: Thank you and thanks for coming.
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I've had a lovely time.

 and We've had a lovely time.
a polite expression said to a host or hostess on departure. Bob: I've had a lovely time. Thanks for asking me. Fred: We're just delighted you could come. Good night. Bob: Good night. Sue: We've had a lovely time. Good night. Bill: Next time don't stay away so long. Good night.
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Lovely weather for ducks,

 and Fine weather for ducks.
Cliché a greeting meaning that this unpleasant rainy weather must be good for something. Bill: Hi, Bob. How do you like this weather? Bob: Lovely weather for ducks. Sally: What a lot of rain! Tom: Yeah. Lovely weather for ducks. Don't care for it much myself.
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thank you for a lovely evening

an expression said by a departing guest to the host or hostess at the end of an evening. (Other adjectives, such as nice, can be used in place of lovely.) Mary: Thank you for a lovely evening. John: Will I see you again? Bill: Thank you for a nice evening. Mary: Thank you so much for coming. Good night.
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thank you for a lovely time

an expression said by a departing guest to the host or hostess. (Other adjectives, such as nice, can be used in place of lovely.) Bill: Thank you for a nice time. Mary: Thank you so much for coming. Bye now. John: Thank you so much for coming. Jane: Well, thank you for a lovely time. John: Don't stay away so long next time.
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everything in the garden is lovely (or rosy)

all is well. informal
Everything in the garden is lovely was an early 20th-century catchphrase, originating in a song popularized by the English music-hall artiste Marie Lloyd ( 1870–1922 ), and is used as an expression of general satisfaction and contentment.

everything in the garden is ˈlovely/ˈrosy

(British English, saying, often ironic) everything is satisfactory, is going well, or could not be better: She pretends that everything in the garden is rosy, but I’ve heard that she’s heavily in debt.

lovely and ˈwarm, ˈcold, ˈquiet, etc.

(British English, spoken) used when you are emphasizing that something is good because of the quality mentioned: It’s lovely and warm in here.
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References in classic literature ?
While speaking to the trapper he suffered his wandering glances to stray towards the intellectual and nearly infantile beauty of Inez, as one might be supposed to gaze upon the loveliness of an ethereal being.
On the one hand his Saint Lucia is a place of vibrant heat and air, the loveliness of foliage and sea, and the fluid, liminal, floating potentials evoked by underwater sequences; on the other the work it offers is waiting tallies, while a cruise ship "preening with privilege" sails by: "The immaculate hull insulted the tin roofs beneath it," Walcott writes, while "its humming engines spewed expensive garbage.
The two worlds collide hilariously when, for example, Barbara is on her knees in a posh house cleaning a toilet and explaining the loveliness of cleaning its contents.
On this recording, the fact that the details of these compositions are never less than sumptuously clear and the overall impression is one of caressing loveliness is due in part to the quality of the works themselves and in part to the masterful singing of the Tallis Scholars, who are expanded by several members for this recording in order to meet the demands of scores written for as many as nine parts.
The inner movements similarly sped on apace (some nice village band touches in the Allegretto) and only the finale's second subject emerged as a beacon of loveliness amid the darkly humorous key changes and menacing C sharps.
Only Michele Coker of the foursome captured the ballet's aching loveliness, but a stray breeze here and there lent atmosphere.
Traders taking part include Lots of Loveliness, The One Stop Hot Shop, Burton's Banagers, The Craftery and Concept, who will be joined by contemporary jewellery designer Jessica Langford who won a stall in a Middlesbrough Council competition.
COVER 8 It's Christmas all year around for Noddy Holder 18 Eddie Izzard leads by example on how to do a proper world tour 38 The best of Jimmy Forsyth at 100 Taste: Bison 47 INSIDE 12 A final countdown to the Festival of the North East 16 Another GIFT is coming for theatre lovers on Tyneside 21 A once around the winners, performers and general loveliness from The Culture Awards 2012 22 Whitesnake's leading man David Coverdale slithers onto Tyneside 24 North East history comes to the fore with Flodden and the Gospels 42 Behind the scenes of puppet theatre
You emerge, a vision of loveliness, ripe to be waited on, hand and foot, and smug at the very thought.
We want to see the strangely attractive Simon Cowell, Paula orbiting Planet Dippy and Randy being a big hunk of "Welcome To Hollywood" loveliness.
Spa at Debenhams Relax Oil Burner Aroma Set, pounds 10 All manner of lavender loveliness to help you unwind
There had never been a moment doubt in her mother's or anyone else's mind, that Laura Marlowe possessed outstanding loveliness.
Hope does have winter's blinding loveliness, though, and the plushest orchestration of any Palace production yet.
Do we dismiss, do we deny The loveliness that we espy And cry from pain of thorn Sharp and bitter.
Ali is currently adding modelling to her CV, lending her loveliness to the Kangaroo Poo range from MandMDirect.