love to bits

love somebody/something to bits

to like or to love someone or something a lot Clive's the nicest person I know. I love him to bits. 'Do you like your new bike, then?' 'Oh, I love it to bits!'
See also: bit, love
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i l i hi d I'I'm in a relationship and I'mI'm I d my tner has a 14-year-old o love to bits and I sa partpart p d girl, I whowho the p h f d who w aw y p g ed y in her eyes after we aain ainpapa argue argued edg l d I ld h I i ntly and I told her I wacencen recrec as goi goingingw to out.
Love and miss you more than words can say, love to bits.
We have a six-year-old daughter who I love to bits and who I get to see each weekend, so there's no way I can get by each week without seeing my ex - who was my first love - which makes it even harder.
I'm in a relationship and my partner has a 14-year-old girl, who I love to bits and I saw the pain in her eyes after we argued recently and I told her I was going to move out.
Q MY daughter has a little boy of three, who I love to bits.
LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY: High (Polydor) More dirge-pop that radio stations will love to bits and I'd love to smash to bits.