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lousy with someone or something

Inf. having lots of someone or something. (Like an infestation of lice.) Old Mr. Wilson is lousy with money. Tiffany is lousy with jewels and furs, but she's got bad teeth.
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lousy with

Abundantly supplied, as in He's lousy with money. Like louse up, this expression alludes to being infested with lice. [First half of 1800s]
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mod. rotten; poor; bad. This mushy stuff is lousy. Do I have to eat it?

lousy with someone/something

mod. having lots of someone or something. (Like an infestation of lice.) Tiffany is lousy with jewels and furs, but she’s got bad teeth.
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Under this rule, it is illegal to produce, say, Microsoft brand ramen noodles, even though that other Microsoft isn't in the noodle business, lest the lousiness of your pasta undermine the software company's reputation.
These include cable and the new digital lousiness streams from that cable infrastructure, the solutions business, the data lousiness, and the Internet, as well as global and local.
Thomas points out that when companies manage diversity, they need to approach it from a lousiness perspective and focus on the way in which organizations are managed and the way managers do their jobs.
Analysts said they were surprised by the move, but praised the decision for San Diego-based Sempra because of KN Energy's high debt levels and struggling energy lousiness.
The following prediction, quoted from a popular lousiness magazine in 1979, is typical: "Over the next 25 years [the baby-bust generation] will enjoy better entry-level jobs, higher relative income, and faster promotions because of sparser numbers.
It's easy to write off the dip in family films' commercial viability to the sheer lousiness of the recent losers.
Scuba has become big lousiness with diveshops popping up everywhere.
The best way to ensure that students get good service, low rates, and a well-administered pay-as-you-can repayment option is to make the government and the banks compete directly for students' lousiness.
These are the welfare state's leftovers: drug addicts, the elderly, the insane, and the occasional decent person trying but not succeeding in the lousiness of just getting by.
Although housewares manufacturers are doing lousiness with few retailers, due to continued retail consolidation, they have more inventory to hold.
1993) (documents made in anticipation of litigation are inadmissible under the lousiness records exception)and People v.
It's only an occasion for lousiness, it seems, when Indians are hauling it in.
fiduciary duty will destroy their retail lousiness model,'" further undermining the claims by the broker-dealer community that a uniform fiduciary standard will increase compliance casts and thereby erode: its core business model.