lot of

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lot of someone or something

 and lots of people or things
a large number of people or things; much of something. I got a lot of presents for my birthday. I ate lots of cookies after dinner.
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References in classic literature ?
I think I was pretty useful, for you see I was the only chap there who knew even a bit about engineering or practical surveying, and I'd sit up all night lots of times working the thing out.
White's did--that is, I ate hers, you know, lots of it.
I ain't ever going to get shut of them -- lots of times I dream about them.
Yes, I made various acquaintances in the hamlet and a thing that gratified me a good deal was to find our new coins in circulation -- lots of milrays, lots of mills, lots of cents, a good many nickels, and some silver; all this among the artisans and commonalty generally; yes, and even some gold -- but that was at the bank, that is to say, the goldsmith's.
13 (thirteen) lots of assignment, as specified below Lot 1 - At Padua Center;Lot 2 - Padua Centre B;Lot 3 - South Piovego A;Lot 4 - South Piovego B;Lot 5 - Door-New Citadel;Lot 6 - Northern Piovego - Biomedicine;Lot 7 - Hospitals - North Piovego;Lot 8 - Legnaro;Lot 9 - Vicenza;Lot 10 - Asiago;Lot 11 - Chioggia;Lot 12 - The Farm;Lot 13 - San Vito di Cadore.
New lots of fillers, pigments, and other additives can behave differently, depending on moisture content, particle size (and distribution of particle size), and ash content.
In the first stage of development, 36 lake front lots of about a half-hectare will be on the market in early to mid-July with about 20 to 26 lots to be added by this fall.
The summer auction featured over 1,800 lots of fine antique and collectible arms, armor and sporting guns from various estates and private collections from around the country.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Helsinki Stock Exchange will commence trading in round lots of one share on September 25, 2006.
Trading in round lots of one share is a European standard, and its adoption is expected to further increase the efficiency of securities trading.
Two years ago, 1,900 lots of tax delinquent land were available from the city of North Port, Florida, for $1,000 a piece.
This is the second letter to inform health care providers about stability testing results involving seven specific manufacturing lots of the Norplant(R) System that were distributed in the United States beginning October 20, 1999.