lot of promise

a lot of promise

A great amount of potential for future success or excellence. The fullback showed a lot of promise in college, with several professional football teams looking to draft him as soon as he graduated. This new treatment we're developing has a lot of promise, but we won't know just how effective it is until it has been in use for a few years.
See also: lot, of, promise

*lot of promise

much promise for the future. (*Typically: have ~; show ~.) Sally is quite young, but she has a lot of promise. This bush is small, but it shows a lot of promise.
See also: lot, of, promise
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00 Nottingham SP forecast 6-4 Out of a sister to Oaks runner-up Flight Of Fancy and showed a lot of promise when beaten two lengths in fourth in a 7f Leicester maiden last month.
The ex-champ, who lives in Brentwood, Essex, added: "He's showing a lot of promise, a lot of determination.
Although not as instantly compelling as some other European dramas, The Saboteurs shows a lot of promise, especially with the arrival of British actress Anna Friel, who plays a ballsy secret agent.
ONE bright spot for me this week was Fabian Delph's England debut - I thought he showed a lot of promise.
They are in excellent condition and show a lot of promise.
The rest of this season has a lot of promise and 'perhaps' some silverware.
Small operation with a lot of promise to grow for a young owner who is ready to travel more.
While the ACO model holds a lot of promise, it is not the only option reforming the way care is delivered.
Dallimore was honoured to help take the session and believes that there is a lot of promise in the first batch of players.
We did not win any trophies this season but there is a lot of promise for the future.
Shaheen showed a lot of promise as a sailor in the optimist class, and it was through his efforts that the UAE recorded several accolades in the sailing world, starting off [with] a fine win in the 2003 Al Baraha Regatta in Bahrain.
SUZUKI is launching its third generation Swift this autumn and it is a compact car with a lot of promise.
Eastwood displays a lot of promise behind the camera.
And I still think there is a lot of promise for 2008, when some of these kids who have gotten their rookie growing pains out of the way become bona fide big leaguers.
The Spoken Language Translation Research Laboratories at ATR recently demonstrated a system that shows a lot of promise.