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Tammy's sister Kimberley Jones, 33, said the children would be lost without her.
Scarlett is lost without her dog friends, their loss has left her lonely with clouds in her eyes.
Amy Langston My dog is my shadow, I would be lost without her.
She's like my baby and I'm lost without her - Leanne Bourne, pictured with her son Harrison and one of the posters she put up after her pet dog Boo vanished Picture by IAN COOPER
Garbutt later released a statement through police which said: "Di was my life and I am lost without her.
THE husband of a postmistress who was murdered above her quiet village store yesterday spoke of his devastation, saying: "I am lost without her.
But the Game On and Babes In The Wood star admits she feels lost without her toddler's accessories.
If she went missing I would be lost without her and a piece of me would be lost without my dog.
Like a breath of fresh air She breezed into my life Forty seven years later Mary is still my wife I would be so lost without her I know I just couldn't live on The moment I first saw her I knew she was the only one She really is someone so special Mary is the reason I live She'd loved me without question So much love she has to give My world would be in darkness If she wasn't about I love her so much Of that there's no doubt We will always be together Never, ever shall we part We will live on forever Because we share the same heart by Frank Byrne, Widnes
Mr Garbutt said in a statement: "Di was my life and I am lost without her.
It's amazing to think what a big influence such a tiny person can have on your life, and I know I'd be lost without her.
Liam's been lost without her and little James round the house," says a friend.
The 29-year-old from Everton was wearing coats and boots from River Island, and said she would be lost without her big bag.
I want to get her back because I'm lost without her.