lose to

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lose to

To be defeated by (someone). The victor can be mentioned after "to," or the lost thing can be stated between "lose" and "to." The football team lost to their rivals in the championship game. I can't believe I lost the student council presidency to that doofus!
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lose something to someone

to yield or give up something in defeat to someone. We lost the case to the opposing lawyers. Mary lost her title to last year's runner-up.
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lose to someone or something

to be defeated by someone or something. I lost to Wendy in the sales contest. Our team lost to the Adamsville Raiders for the seventh year in a row.
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References in classic literature ?
For, although the sun is lost to us forever, the moon, full- orbed or slender, remains to us.
Heaven is lost to us," he cried; "but now that we may not have it, let us so act that it shall be lost to them also.
Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.
For a while we felt that Milly was on the verge of being lost to us.
From that moment all traces of what was occurring in the streets of Paris were lost to us.
murmured D'Artagnan, "our honor as soldiers is lost to us forever
Oh, well," thought the general, "he's lost to us for good, now.
One was lost to us for good--the other was miles away and far out of hail.
So that all we had fought for was lost to us, besides many more of us being killed.
Before the said visit, High Commissioner and Begum Zubaida Yousuf hosted a dinner party for the Queen and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at the legendary Pakistan Residence on Avenue Road in North London, a priceless - not to mention historic - property later regrettably lost to us during the tenure of a political appointee as High Commissioner.
Yet for the foundation to be completely lost to us is wrong.
Lost to us in sad circumstances on the 5th July 1998.
It is an urgent call for action to every one of us to save the limited resources we have and use them sparingly to prevent them being lost to us forever," says Shilpa Ashar, Project Manager, Gulf Eco 2013.
The fact that this all happened in the confusion of a tragic war was never lost to us," wrote Hussain.
In the under-15s, the team lost to US representative Express Flying 3-0.