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Boston National Historic Park (Massachusetts) - 54,794 lost visitors in first 10 days, $2,032,876 lost visitor dollars in first 10 days, and 1019 total jobs at stake, including 904 non-NPS jobs.
In several studies, obesity-prone mice on high-sugar, high-fat diets gained less (or lost more) weight when given calcium than similar mice fed the same diet with very little calcium.
Article 170 of LOST describes the "Enterprise," a UN organ that would supervise all scientific, commercial, and military use of "the Area"--all regions of the world's oceans, including the seabed and superadjacent atmosphere, beyond the territorial limits of coastal nations.
2001: (Seeded 6th): Lost in semi- final (to Goran Ivanisivic).
Arcot Hall 5 Ponteland 7: I Donaldson beat R Hayhoe 6 and 5, J Lynn lost to D Ross 1 up, M Redfearn lost to B Gilpatrick 4 and 3, N Jones beat P Brown 3 and 1, C Beeby lost to B Bailey 4 and 2, A Keenan halved with A Crawford.
Transfer Price = Variable cost/unit + Lost contribution margin/unit
Hopman Cup: lost to L Hewitt 3-6 6-0 4-6, lost to T Robredo 6-7 2-6, bt M Zabaleta 6-2 6-3.
The Lost Boys first survived a 6- to 10-week walk to Ethiopia, often subsisting on leaves and berries and the occasional boon of a warthog carcass.
Kelley's team identified these gases dissolved in the highly alkaline water that spouts from the Lost City vents at temperatures between 40 [degrees] C and 75 [degrees] C.
Singles: Sykes won 2&1, Hufton won 6&5, Chris Evans lost 1 down, Lake lost 3&2, Raisen lost 7&6.
The cooperative (not realizing that the bank had these documents) issued another stock certificate and lease after the shareholder signed a lost stock affidavit.
It also curbs the brand of extortion, so routine in American law as almost to have lost its ethical taint, by which lawyers use the costs of the process itself, or the risk of a fluke outcome found in any trial, to strong-arm their opponents into settlement.
Callaway remembers one young athlete who lost so much calcium from his bones while dieting that he broke his hip and pelvis.
Then actual revenues were deducted from "but for" revenues to estimate lost revenues (column F, exhibit 2).
Sometimes, when I'm driving there, I understand how the Lost Forty came to be lost.