losing streak

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*losing streak

Fig. a series of losses [in sports, for instance]. (*Typically: be on ~; have ~; continue one's ~.) The team was on a losing streak that started nearly three years ago.
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We're deep enough into the season certainly where, even putting the losing streak aside, we can see where the team's limitations are and see the areas that perhaps can get better,'' he said.
On losing streaks, by all means drop down but only occasionally to reintroduce that swagger to your game.
Probably we didn't have any confidence during the losing streak and the enjoyment wasn't there,' said Bersola, who is in her final year with UP.
Paul Pierce, Rando Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen, Leon Powe and Brian Scalabrine played for the Celtics during both their longest losing streak and their current winning streak.
An away victory at Preston stopped the club from equalling Darwin's 104-year-old record 18-game losing streak, and the recovery was under way.
Tait's search for a new striker has continued this week as he attempts to cope with the loss of Barry Conlon and Glen Robson through injury, but while that search has so far proved unsuccessful Tait insists his side can end their losing streak.
At Toronto, Andray Blatche scored 24 points and Joe Johnson had 21 as the Brooklyn Nets ended a five-game losing streak by beating the Raptors 102-100.
The losing streak began with a fourth-place finish behind Barbaro in the Kentucky Derby and grew to eight races when he finished third to Arson Squad in the Feb.
This isn't the longest losing streak in which Rivers has played a role.
Not only have the Bears moved out for a season, but they have the NFL's longest losing streak, which now stands at six games.
After ending a 21-game losing streak in Tucson by beating No.
They returned home only to fall 107-106 to the Knicks, extending their season-long losing streak to four games.
The Timberwolves converted the Clippers' turnovers into 32 points and snapped a six-game losing streak.
LaJoyce King had a game-high 22 points and nine rebounds as the Cal State Northridge women's basketball team snapped a 17-game losing streak to host UC Santa Barbara with a 66-64 upset victory Thursday night in the Thunderdome.
Atlanta broke a five-game losing streak with a 4-3 win over Carolina on Saturday.