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But not once did any of these players lose their pants.
As in gaining weight, the potential to lose weight is mainly determined by an athlete's genetics.
Homeowners who are insured and lose their principal residence in a federally declared disaster area can take their Sec.
Once the bacterium loses genes, he points out, it has no way of getting them back.
Loser-pays is often mistaken for a double-or-nothing bet: If a suit wins, goes this reasoning, it must win bigger than it does in the United States, while if it loses it must crash in flames.
A career is not made by whether he wins or loses one race.
The direct-play team is given two points for every conventional goal, while the possession team is awarded just one point, that ends with a turnover in their attacking third, and loses one point for every two lost possessions in their defensive third.
Playoffs prediction: Loses to Colorado in Western Conference finals.
The team that loses this game this week, they're out of the Pac-10 race,'' Toledo said.
And even if Desert loses for a second consecutive week, the Scorpions are already guaranteed a winning season and are closing in on a playoff berth.
More than one loss would essentially end any chance of advancing to the next round, but don't expect Chatsworth to be too discouraged if it loses today's opener aginst Brooklawn, N.
At left, Lakers guard Nick Van Exel loses control of the ball while driving on Miami's Dan Majerle.
What's the best way to lose weight and keep it off?