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So, if a 200-pound football player requires 5,000 calories per day to maintain his bodyweight, he must consume 4,750 calories per day--250 calories below his current need--to lose one pound of fat in 14 days.
In this case, he will have to decrease his caloric intake to 4,625 calories per day--250 calories below his current need--to lose another pound of body fat in 10 days.
Insured disaster victims who lose their vacation homes do not have the same benefits as disaster victims who lose their principal residences.
Insured disaster victims who lose real property held for use in their trade or business or for investment are held to a stricter standard for reinvestment under Sec.
Wernegreen expects that as more endosymbiont genomes are sequenced, they will show a consistent pattern of gene loss, just as disease-causing bacteria living permanently inside cells lose a consistent set of genes.
Eventually, the bacterium may lose its ability to function even in its already limited endosymbiotic role.
For years Congress has blithely enacted hundreds of laws incorporating one-way fee-shifting: Defendants pay plaintiffs' legal fees when they lose, but they do not collect payment for their legal fees when they win.
News and World [Report asked the question in its more menacing form--"If you sue someone and lose the case, should you pay his costs?
Playoffs prediction: Loses to Ottawa in Eastern Conference semifinals.
Playoffs prediction: Defeats Islanders in first round, loses to Ottawa in conference semis.
If not, if UCLA is left in some kind of morose stupor, grieving over what got away, it will lose this, its biggest game of the year, this weekend.
A lot of the guys were walking off the field shouting, `We don't lose football games.
It gets it in the back of our mind that we can lose, reminds us how much we want it.
This team, we don't think we're supposed to lose games.
If people who are insulin-resistant lose weight, they oftentimes go back to being normal," says Ron Goor, co-author of the low-fat diet book Choose to Lose.