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first loser

One who achieves second place in a competition, i.e., who loses to the first-place contestant. Likely derived from the phrase "Second place is the first loser," which was popularized by (and often credited to) race car driver Dale Earnhardt, Sr. (1951–2001). You go out into that ring and you give it absolutely everything you've got! You haven't come all this way to simply be crowned the first loser!
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Second place is the first loser.

sports adage Coming in second place means you have still ultimately failed to win in the end. Popularized by (and often credited to) race car driver Dale Earnhardt, Sr. (1951–2001). You go out into that ring and you give it absolutely everything you've got! After all, second place is the first loser!
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a sore loser

Someone who complains, becomes upset, or otherwise reacts very negatively when they fail or lose at something competitive. Don't be such a sore loser, Jim. I know you pride yourself on your racquetball skills, but I beat you fair and square.
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finders keepers(, losers weepers)

A children's rhyme meaning that if someone finds something, they are entitled to keep it (even if it belongs to someone else). The children huddled around the sparkling ring Jake had discovered. "Finders keepers!" he yelled, as he grabbed it and dashed toward the house. A: "Hey, that's my favorite toy!" B: "But I found it out in the playground. Finders keepers, losers weepers!"
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two-time loser

a confirmed loser. Poor Richard is a two-time loser. Martin is a two-time loser, or at least he looks like one.
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finders, keepers

A phrase meaning that whoever finds something is entitled to keep it. For example, Someone left a dollar bill in this rented car-finders, keepers. This expression alludes to an ancient Roman law to that effect and has been stated in numerous different ways over the centuries. The modern version, often stated as Finders keepers, losers weepers, dates from the mid-1800s and is no longer a legal precept.
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see under finders, keepers.

be on (or on to) a loser

be involved in a course of action that is bound to fail.
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n. an inept person; an undesirable or annoying person; a social failure. Those guys are all losers. They’ll never amount to anything.

two-time loser

n. a confirmed loser. Martin is a two-time loser, or at least he looks like one.
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