lose your heart

lose (one's) heart to (someone)

To fall in love or become smitten with someone. She lost her heart to the tall, handsome man the minute they met.
See also: heart, lose

lose your heart

If you lose your heart to someone, you fall in love with them. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. She falls in love with Raul, who in turn has lost his heart to Silvia.
See also: heart, lose

lose your ˈheart (to somebody/something)

(formal) fall in love (with somebody/something): I’ve quite lost my heart to those little kittens of yours. Can we take one home?
See also: heart, lose
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com You''ll lose your heart to this one as it features 15 of them making a bold, romantic statement.
IT'S easy to lose your heart - and your head - on a holiday fling.
It's an enjoyable story with a smattering of vintage songs including Leaning on a Lamppost, The Sun Has Got His Hat On, Once You Lose Your Heart and Me And My Girl.
Another announced: "Drive the Brera and lose your heart.
Another judge announcing: "Drive this and lose your heart.